Memorandum of Understanding Established with NPS

NPS MOUThe AMGA has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Park Service (NPS) that strengthens the guiding community’s relationship with NPS and creates new avenues for collaboration on land-use management, stewardship, and planning. “The MOU establishes the AMGA, its members, and accredited businesses as a primary resource for NPS on matters related to guiding climbing and skiing, and it creates a formal line of communication between the guiding community and NPS officials,” says Wade. “This will substantially increase our opportunity to communicate with park officials and demonstrate that we are willing and capable partners when it comes to management and planning initiatives related to guiding.” AMGA members and accredited businesses can use the MOU to initiate conversations with local NPS land managers. Please contact Matt Wade at [email protected] or 303-847-4482 for more information.

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