Behind the Story: Après, the Fourth Discipline

Hello AMGA Membership,

Did everyone see our April Fools’ Day video? If not check it out here!

This spring we wanted to do something to bring a bit of humor to the table and to expose the AMGA to a broader audience. With the support of our corporate partners, this viral video effort reached over 200K consumers and is part of our effort to expand public awareness of the AMGA.

We hope that you enjoyed seeing the video and that you received some excellent Après tips from Dale.

For more laughs and behind the scenes footage: click here .

Happy Après,


A big thank you goes out to Thomas Woodson, for his excellent camera work. Dana Ladzinski, for bringing the idea to the table and her direction. Jane Soucy, for her producing talent. Dale Remsberg, for being the star. Verde PR, for their help in promotion. Frasca Food and Wine, for the delicious sips and samples. And finally, Alchemy Face Bar, for the gold collagen face mask – Dale’s skin is still glowing – après!


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