Calling all Guides! We’re looking for The Guiding Life Blog Submissions

Tracy Martin Mille Scholarship

Photo by Erica Engle

The AMGA wants to hear from you! We launched The Guiding Life Blog in August as an online repository of guide expertise. Our vision is to create a  virtual place to highlight your experiences, show your photos and videos off, to share news about guides and what’s happening in the guiding industry, and to showcase your expertise. We invite you to submit blog posts for publication. We are looking for these sorts of things:

•    Guide Beta (our version of tech tips);
•    Reflective pieces on how you found guiding;
•    Articles documenting the process of becoming a guide;
•    News pieces about your accomplishments in the mountains or on the rock;
•    Stories you might want to share about any guiding experiences you have had;
•    Reflections on AMGA courses or exams.

Pretty much anything goes that is specifically guide-related and relevant to The Guiding Life. We want to promote you as much as possible by showcasing your talents, whether you write, do video work, make climbing/guide-related art, or take awesome photographs. We don’t pay for blog posts, but we will always include direct links to your websites and a short bio that includes your AMGA credentials and other relevant information. We want to promote you and your business!

Please submit blog posts or ideas to Lizzy Scully at [email protected], or feel free to call her cell if you prefer chatting 303-903-2768. Please no advertorials or direct advertisements for your business. Thanks!

Take a look at some of the excellent pieces that have already been submitted: