GUIDE Bulletin, winter issue

We’re in the throes of finishing up the winter 2013/2014 GUIDE Bulletin. It’s going to be a good one!

We’ve fully covered the Annual Meeting in our Mountain Buzz news section, including an overview of the High Altitude Symposium, the awards ceremony, and the round table. We’ll be publishing Scott Massey’s Power Point Presentation in the next few days. Here’s a snippet about the round table discussion from the Bulletin:

Discussed at the October 24 Round Table: certification of guides working for accredited businesses. The Board of Directors recently decided that all field staff of AMGA-accredited businesses must be AMGA trained for the terrain in which they work. Guides hired before January 1, 2008, who did in-house training are exempt if they continue to work for the business that hired them, but all field staff hired after that date must be AMGA trained.

More to come.

We’ve also got a fantastic photo essay by Jayson Simmons-Jones of  Crested Butte Mountain Guides, a The Guiding Life article by Jesse Williams of Cloud Splitter Guides, and Guide Beta from AMGA Technical Director Dale Remsberg and Patagonia Ambassador and guide Zoe Hart. We’re also featuring IFMGA guide Angela Hawse and Petzl Scholarship winner Andrew Yasso. Plus, we’ve got great photos from Karsten Delap, Gabe Rogel, and Adrian Ballinger, who sent us photos from Ama Dablam base camp!

Stay tuned. We’ll be announcing distribution soon!

-Lizzy Scully, Editor