AMGA Polar Bottle Ergo Insulated Water Bottle

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AMGA customized insulated, Ergo Polar Bottles are made in the USA and can handle hot and cold liquids. It is BPA free. 22oz. There is also a free cap replacement from Polar Bottle. The front side is shown in the photo and the backside of the bottle has our mission statement “To inspire and support a culture of American mountain craft.” The cost includes shipping.

“Polar Bottle® is excited to introduce our new 22-ounce lifestyle insulated bottle, the Polar Bottle Ergo. This new product from Polar Bottle is the premier lifestyle insulated plastic water bottle and is BPA-FREE & PHTHALATE-FREE. Taking advantage of the same reflective insulation technology as the original Polar Bottle Sport, the Polar Bottle Ergo keeps water cold more than twice as long as a conventional water bottle. As with all Polar Bottle water bottles, the Polar Bottle Ergo comes in a variety of graphic design options to compliment your personality. With its functional and aesthetically pleasing design, the Polar Bottle Ergo is the perfect bottle to carry with you 24/7.

The Ergo features our newest no spill cap, the Half Twist™, which makes drinking easy and spills a thing of the past. Give the cap a Half Twist and you’re ready to drink. Give the cap a Half Twist in the other direction and it’s completely sealed. The Half-Twist cap features a medical-grade silicone gasket and seals the bottle for a no-spill, no-leak drinking experience.” From

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