A review of the Osprey Rev 12 backpack

Rob Coppolillo, Aspirant Mountain Guide, recently tested the Osprey Rev 12 backpack while mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing in and around Boulder, Colorado, mostly while training for his alpine exam. He offered the AMGA some feedback on the pack.

Coppolillo thought this pack was really solid for all the sport for which he reviewed it, and he really appreciated the functionality and durability of it. He suggested that a climb-specific version of the pack would be “awesome,” and could be achieved with some modifications (by trimming down the waist-belt significantly, including making slimmer pockets and by “adding something more positive/distinctive on the little webbing pull tabs on those pockets—so you can differentiate the pull tab more easily while wearing gloves/not looking at them.”)

Overall, according to Coppolillo, the Osprey Rev 12 backpack, “is a pretty good piece! It’s surprisingly well ventilated, hugs the body well. I loaded it with 25 lbs of rocks for an uphill hike, and it carried pretty darn well, as I assume this is way, way more than the pack was built for. For days when you rack in the parking lot (often in Eldorado Canyon-type climbing), this thing could be a cool guide’s pack, with a bit more space. I love the diagonal pockets between the pack body/waist belt—stash glasses, food, whatever in there while moving. Totally key when guiding. Love it. You could even rando race in this thing. Good job, Osprey!”