Micah Lewkowitz, Recipient of the 2015 Walker Family Foundation Scholarship

professionalism prəәˈfeSHəәnlˌizəәm/ (noun) the competence or skill, good judgment, and polite behavior expected of an expert in their field. I started guiding in 2006 for a small company based in Western Massachusetts, mostly toproping and backpacking trips along the Appalachian Trail. By 2008, I began guiding in the glaciated mountains outside Haines, Alaska. I remember, […]

Joshua Cole on Receiving the Walker Family Foundation Scholarship

The AMGA is working to increase the professionalism, safety, and standard of guiding in our country. While the AMGA is succeeding in these aims, the culture of American guiding remains distinctly different from that in Europe and Canada. Many American guides still struggle to make guiding a sustainable profession. By donating toward AMGA scholarships, the […]