Welcome to the AMGA’s Annual Meeting

By Betsy Winter, AMGA Executive Director

Welcome to autumn on the Front Range of Colorado. This is my favorite time of year; the air’s crisp coolness, the lack of moisture, and the eternal sunshine make our fine granite and sandstone crags world-class destinations. Tragically we can’t share most of these assets with our participants this year. Devastating floods wiped out our trails and shut off access to most climbing areas. Our hearts go out to the many people, among them our guides, who have lost their homes, livelihoods, and even loved ones.

On the other hand, this disaster inspired our community of guides, skiers, climbers, and the organizations that represent them to work more closely together than ever before. We cleaned each other’s homes, and now we are on the ground rebuilding our trails and parks. So while no one will be climbing the Naked Edge this fall, we still think the Boulder is the perfect place to hold our Annual Meeting.

The AMGA represents community—a community of committed, resourceful, and inspiring professional skiers and climbers. When the going gets tough, we find other, often better ways to stay safe and to live life fully. This year we face some major national as well as local challenges. The closure of our national parks and recreation areas are adversely affecting hundreds of guides and guide services. This year’s Annual Meeting is so timely and crucial. We have the opportunity right now to brainstorm, network, and come together in new and different ways. We are imaginative and dedicated; let’s find those new, innovative solutions. No hold is out of our reach.

Find out more about the Annual Meeting on our Facebook page, or register here.


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