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Climbers are an irreverent bunch. Organizing them is about as easy as picking up scattered marbles with chopsticks. Extraordinarily, the AMGA has successfully implemented its vision of standardizing the guiding profession across America’s vast and wild climbing and ski mountaineering community. How did we do it? We are and have always been the experts in the business of being a guide. And, our focus from the beginning has been on serving and representing you—our members.

By becoming an AMGA member, you are joining a team of guides who share similar professional goals. As an organization, the collective voice of your profession is strengthened and the momentum of your craft accelerated. Clients, land managers, and outdoor industry leaders look to the AMGA for excellence, support, and viable solutions. By joining the 2,700 plus guides and climbing instructors already involved, you become a part of the future of guiding.

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  1. Associate Member: Become an Associate Member, and take your first step toward being an important part of the guiding, climbing, and skiing community. Support the AMGA’s advocacy efforts, network with like-minded individuals, or start the training process toward becoming a certified climbing instructor or guide.
  2. Individual Member: Become an Individual member if you are pursuing advanced level AMGA education and training. Welcome to the AMGA’s inner circle. We invite you to actively participate in our governance process and to let us know how we can better serve you.
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