Affinity Programs 2021

A HUGE thank you to our sponsors and community partners:




Members have expressed continuous interest in offering affinity programs and thanks to our partners, we will offer the following courses with full or partial scholarships:
  • LGBTQ+ SPI Course| MHW |  May 7-9 | DC Area
    Provider CONFIRMED: Sean Taft-Morales

    Database code: LGBTQ+SPI-C-2021-1
    Course cost: $550
  • Ascent ASC | Eddie Bauer | June 28th- July 2nd | Mt. Erie/Baker, Washington
    Database code: A11 *ASCENT* ASC 21 : ASC

    Course cost: $1,750
  • BIPOC SPI Course | Black Diamond | July 9-11th | PNW
    Providers CONFIRMED: Jim Ablao and Azissa Singh
    Database code: BIPOC-SPI-C-2021-1

    Course cost: $550
  • Women’s SPI Course | Arc’teryx | August 27-29th | New River Gorge, West Virginia 
    Providers CONFIRMED: Elaina Arenz and Szu-ting Yi
    Database code: WOMENS-SPI-C-2021-1

    Course cost: $550
  • Women’s RGC | TNF | September 14th- 23rd| Boulder, CO | 6:2
    Database code: R11 *WMNS* RGC 21 : RGC
    Course Cost: $ 2,950
  • Women’s RGC | TNF | September 28th- October 7th | Boulder, CO | 6:2
    Database code: R16 *WMNS* RGC 21 : RGC
    Course Cost: $ 2,950
  • BIPOC SPI Course | Black Diamond | September 24-26th | Southeast
    Providers CONFIRMED: Sean Taft-Morales and Azissa Singh 

    Database code: BIPOC-SPI-C-2021-2
    Course cost: $550
We are working on finalizing dates and staffing for each course and will update information as we confirm those details. Please note that all affinity programs have scholarships provided, look at each page for details.  Below you will find a timeline for application release and review for all 2021 affinity programs:
-The application period is NOW OPEN
-The application period will close on March 15th 
-Application review in mid March
-Applicants will be notified by March 29th
*Could be pushed to April 8th for some of the later programs 
Ready to apply?
  1. Become a professional member of the AMGA
  2. Apply for the programs via your My AMGA account here
  3. Fill out the additional scholarship application that is REQUIRED. Please note that you can apply for multiple programs at once via this additional application: CLICK HERE 

Please take time to review the Frequently Asked Questions below. More questions? Email [email protected]

Click on the individual program page to learn more.

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  • What are affinity programs?

    Affinity spaces are designed for people who share a specific identity or experience. Affinity spaces can be designed for people who share a similar identity around their gender, their sexual orientation, race, or intersection of various identities. The AMGA’s affinity courses are designed to increase access and mentorship for people whose identities are underrepresented in the climbing and snow sports community. 

  • Why are affinity programs being offered?

     Our membership has expressed continuous interest in affinity programs and thanks to our partner’s support, we are able to increase programs this year. Affinity programs are an important part of our larger strategic plan and work at the AMGA. You can read more here

  • Can I apply for more than one course?

    Yes, people have intersecting identities and fully recognize that you may have the desire to apply to more than one program. You can submit your google form application (essay questions) ONCE and check off all the programs you want to be considered for. We will review all applications and take your application information into consideration when finalizing program acceptance. 

  • What is the application process?

    There are two steps for this process. You will need to be an AMGA Member to submit an application via your My AMGA account and an additional application with essay questions. You will be able to submit a SINGLE essay application at ONCE and check off multiple programs that you would like to be considered for. No need to submit multiple or separate essay applications for each program. However please note that you need to apply via your My AMGA for each program. Ex: You can apply for the Women's RGC and Women's SPI Course via your My AMGA and complete the essay application and check off both of those programs.

  • Will these programs offer scholarships?

    Yes, all programs will offer scholarships but the amounts will differ depending on the course. Additionally, please note that our scholarships are through a reimbursement process.

  • What if I don’t meet the prerequisites at this moment?

    You can apply for programs and submit information such as WFR Course registration to demonstrate that you will fulfill those requirements by the time of your course. Please note that this will not guarantee that your application will be considered if there are other pre-requisites that are not met.

  • What is the scholarship evaluation process like? Is it first come, first serve?

    Applications are never reviewed first come first serve. Rather, once the application deadline comes we review all applications for that period in bulk and offer spots to the most competitive candidates. Our review committee evaluates applications anynomously.

  • Is this program exclusively for US citizens?

    Citizenship does not impact acceptance into programs, however, AMGA does not have the ability to help with international travel requirements and we always need to note that depending on where you are coming from the training may or may not be recognized in your home countries. ie. if you take a course in the United States, the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (or other applicable association) may still require you to do an equivalency test or perhaps even take their full entry-level program etc.

  • Does the AMGA have any other scholarships in case I can't apply for any of these programs?

    Every year we have scholarships available for Mountain Guide Programs. Scholarships are normally open in May, awarded in August, and available for the following program year. To see the list of scholarships and how to apply please visit: