Each year, outdoor industry leaders and private foundations generously give to the AMGA to help guides and aspiring guides reduce the costs associated with AMGA training.  This year, we are happy to announce 33 scholarships opportunities open to our members applying to courses or exams in the Mountain Guide Program. At the AMGA, we work to continually improve your membership benefits. The scholarship program allows AMGA guides and aspiring guides resource assistance to reduce program costs and advance their education.

Qualified applicants must be current AMGA members, meet prerequisites for programs by time of program application, and meet application deadline(s) for their program(s). If you are awarded a scholarship, when AMGA programs open you need to apply for a program, pay program application fees, and be accepted into a program.  Contact [email protected] with questions.

Thanks to our membership we have received key feedback to make this process more transparent for you all. Below you will find key information and please read before applying. 

The scholarship review process: 

Once the application period is closed, our Membership team will review all of the applications at once and remove personal information for the review process: 

  • Our review committee receives their application group which they review over a period of 3-4 weeks, they will use this rubric to score each applicant. 
  • Please note that all applications are reviewed anonymously and our committee only receives your essay questions responses. 
  • Each applicant is reviewed twice by two different reviewers, if there is a scoring discrepancy, a staff member will provide a third review. 
  • Once all applications are reviewed, the Membership Team will consolidate all of the scores and look at the larger application pool.  Since each review provides a final score of 1-5, we sum the two final scores. Applicants who receive a score of 9 or higher, are considered first and we work our way through the application pool. 
  • We also take into consideration the following: previous scholarship award status, amount of times applicant has applied and not received funds, and current experience as a guide or instructor. 

Scholarship Essay Questions: 

In the google form, you will answer the following essay questions. The standard process is to upload the essay questions responses in that application, however we want to adapt to the needs of other applicants. If you would like to submit an audio or video recording answering the following questions, please email: [email protected] 

  • What are your career goals and how will this positively impact your career path and personal journey? 
  • How will this opportunity allow you to pay it forward in your community and beyond? 
  • If you are applying to any identity based scholarships (Women’s, BIPOC)  please answer the following question. How have your identities informed your experience as a guide or instructor? 

Learn more about course prerequisites >>

Please review important information regarding submission below.

  • 2022 Scholarships | Application Information

    The 2022 Scholarship application period is closed

    • 2023 Scholarships open in May 2022


    • Applicants must be current AMGA members.
    • Scholarship recipients must apply to their AMGA program(s) as usual and must meet the applicable application deadline(s) for their 2022 program(s).
    • All prerequisites must be met in full at the time of program application (Do not need to be met at time of scholarship application).
    • Scholarship recipients are still required to pay the $65.00 non-refundable application fee that is associated with all AMGA Mountain Guide Program applications.
    • It is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient to meet the application deadline(s) and submit a complete application(s). Recipients that fail to meet the deadlines and application requirements will forfeit their scholarship with no transfer option.
    • All AMGA Scholarship recipients will be required to provide the AMGA office with the required scholarship materials within 4 weeks of completing an applicable program.
    • All scholarship recipients must pay for courses and exams. Once your program is complete and you have submitted the required scholarship materials to the AMGA office, you will be issued a reimbursement check for the amount awarded to you. The sooner you turn in your course materials, the sooner we can begin the reimbursement process.
    • To learn about how to apply to a program and how applications are reviewed: Apply to a Mountain Guide Program
    • To see the AMGA Course Schedule (please note, 2022 course schedule is not released yet): AMGA Course Schedules.
  • Available Scholarships

    The AMGA and its partners are proud to offer 33 scholarship opportunities for AMGA members.

  • Scholarship FAQs

    If I am awarded a scholarship, do I need to pay for my course?

    Yes, as a scholarship recipient you must pay for your course or exam. Upon the completion of your program and submission of materials you will receive a reimbursement of your scholarship funds. The AMGA is currently working to update this policy and will be seeking the guidance of our board of directors. We recognize that the up-fronting of courses is a barrier and will provide more updates as we move forward with this undertaking. If you have any further questions, please email Membership Director: [email protected]

    What information do I submit in my scholarship application?

    Along with your contact information, current training and certifications, and future programs, we ask for an essay to be submitted. Please take a look above for the essay questions if you would like to work on them beforehand.

    Do I have to be a member to apply?

    All applicants must have a current AMGA membership to be considered for scholarships. If you do not have a membership or your membership is expired, you must apply or renew immediately.

    When will I find out if I received a scholarship?

    All applicants will be notified by mid August.

    Can I use a scholarship for a Single Pitch Instructor or Climbing Wall Instructor Course or Exam?

    No. This pool of AMGA scholarships are for AMGA Mountain Guide Track Programs only.

    How do I apply for a video submission scholarship?

    To apply for either of our two video submission scholarships (F.O.R.G.E. and Chad Vander Ham), complete the 2021 application in addition to following the instructions listed on their respective pages.

    If I am awarded a scholarship do I still need to apply to my AMGA program(s)?

    Yes. Scholarship recipients must apply to their AMGA program(s) as usual and must meet the applicable application deadlines for their 2022 programs. The first half of 2022 MGP dates will be published by summer of 2021. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on MGP application period and deadlines. All prerequisites must be met for the applicable program at the time of program application.

    Do I need to meet all the prerequisites for AMGA program(s) to apply for a scholarship?

    In order to be eligible for an AMGA Scholarship, participants must show that they will either already meet the prerequisites or will meet the prerequisites in full by the time of the program application.

    *Prerequisites can be found for each discipline at

    Do I need to pay the $65.00 application fee to my AMGA program(s) if I received a scholarship?

    YES. Scholarship recipients must pay the associated $65.00 application fee with any AMGA program they apply to.

    What are next steps after I am offered a scholarship?

    You will receive an email from the Membership team with next steps to accept your scholarship. They will send a contract with content requirements, let them know what program you would like to use your scholarship towards. Finally, apply for your course or exam as usual, if you haven't already. Please put a note in the text box of your resume for your program application indicating you are a scholarship recipient, this does not guarantee entry to the program and you still need to meet the pre-reqs and submit your application on time.

    What are the required materials I need to submit to fulfill the scholarship agreement if I am awarded a scholarship?

    AMGA Scholarship recipients are required to provide the AMGA office with the required scholarship materials within 4 weeks of completing an applicable program. These materials must include two (2) of these four (4) submissions: a written report of the program (500-word minimum), a 90 second-3 minute minute video, a minimum of 5 captioned photographs, or artwork. Upon receipt of the required scholarship materials, the AMGA will reimburse the applicable tuition funds.

  • Previous Scholarship Recipients

  • Give to a Scholarship Fund

    If you are interested in supporting a scholarship, please contact Jake Gaventa at [email protected]. To learn more about our memorial funds please click here. To donate to a scholarship or memorial fund, please click here.