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    Call for Nominations | AMGA Board of Directors Elections

    Call for AMGA Board of Directors Nominations Greetings guides, climbing instructors, and members of the AMGA. Once again this October, we must elect directors to serve on the AMGA Board Of Directors, and we’re calling on each of you to nominate the candidates that will represent your interests, your perspectives, and steer our guides’ association into […]

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    Reflections on the AMGA Nominations Process: A Call to Action!

    By Lyra Pierotti Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Ad Hoc Committee Chair & Board of Directors Members As we pass the peak of our busy summer guiding season and look to the fall, we approach another election season for the board of directors of the AMGA. We will be voting in just two months (early October!) and […]

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About the AMGA

The AMGA’s founders were climbers and skiers with a deep commitment to and understanding of outdoor culture. They realized the soul of these sports didn’t have to be compromised by organization. Organization could instead serve to bring the community together in a revolutionary way. It could provide mountain guides with resources, services, and credentials to boost their careers, but also with connections to each other and to the larger community of guides and clients across the country and around the globe. These are the ways we lead and promote the guiding community:

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Our programs succeed because of our partnerships with you—our members, personal donors, outdoor industry businesses, and foundations. In order to keep our courses and exams affordable for our guides, we rely on your monetary support. But more than that, your financial assistance means the AMGA can professionalize the guiding profession.

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For Aspiring Guides

Become an international guide and work anywhere in Europe or Asia, or just take a step in that direction and work throughout the United States. The International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA) and the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) have endorsed the 300+ programs the AMGA runs each year.

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For Guides

By becoming an AMGA member, you are joining a team of guides who share similar professional goals. As an organization, the collective voice of your profession is strengthened and the momentum of your craft accelerated. Clients, land managers, and outdoor industry leaders look to the AMGA for excellence, support, and viable solutions.

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Find out how to the difference between certification and accreditation, guides and instructors, how to apply for courses, exams and assessments and much more by visiting our FAQ page.

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