Membership | Frequently Asked Questions

Where do my Membership dues go?

Your membership dues make it possible for the national office staff to run programs, administer your member benefits, advocate at a local and national level, and plan and run the annual meeting and regional events.

When can I participate in AMGA governance? 

Any professional member with an AMGA Certification or a training level of apprentice in any mountain guide discipline can participate in board elections annually.

Do I have to be a current member for my certification(s) to be valid? 

Yes. Your AMGA Professional Membership must be current for your training level and certification to be valid.

Do I have to be a current member to take AMGA courses? 

Yes. Your AMGA Professional Membership must be valid to apply for and enroll in any AMGA program.

Do I have to be a member to apply for scholarships?

Yes. You must have a valid AMGA Professional Membership to apply for a Mountain Guide Program scholarship.

Do I get insurance benefits with my membership?

That’s a great question! AMGA offers group rates on life or disability insurance benefits through membership. See more information here. We also encourage and offer travel insurance for members taking Mountain Guide Programs. See more information here.


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