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Regional Events

AMGA Regional Event | The Gunks, NY
Thursday, May 30, 2019

AMGA is hosting a day of exclusive clinics led by members of the Instructor Team and SPI Provider Team. With support from Arc’teryx, this one-day event will feature a variety of clinics.

Plus, we will be celebrating in the evening with a FREE members gathering at the Mohonk Preserve Visitor Center from 6-9pm. Come meet fellow AMGA members, grab a snack, get hooked up with giveaways, and support AMGA’s current efforts as we ensure our community is actively shaping a positive future for guiding. All members are invited to this FREE evening event.

Photo Credit: Silas Rossi

Clinics are Sold out! Clinic spots are limited to 30  participants

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All members are invited to this FREE evening event. RSVP by May 20.

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Clinic Details

The AMGA is hosting two clinic blocks, morning and afternoon session. Morning session runs from 9am-12pm, afternoon session runs from 1- 4:00 pm. Clinic location and gear list will be shared with participants after registration.

  • Multi-pitch Guiding Efficiency

In this clinic, learn and practice simple tools that will greatly enhance your up and down efficiencies which can translate into a better experience for your guests. Work on executing smooth transitions, anticipating next steps, and knowing where you want to position yourself and your client(s) to maximize your day.

Suggested Prerequisite Training Level: Apprentice Rock Guide or higher.

Instructor: Silas Rossi (American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide, AMGA Instructor Team Member)


  • The AMGA Rock Rescue Drill (RRD)

The RRD was updated in 2017 –  check out the scenario and gear list here. The RRD is part of the Assistant Exam on the ARGC/AE but is also a great way for any guide or instructor to hone and practice their rescue skills –  learn, refresh, and practice with AMGA Instructor Team member, Emilie Drinkwater.

Suggested Prerequisite Training Level: Apprentice rock guide or higher

Instructor: Emilie Drinkwater  (American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide, AMGA Instructor Team Member)


  • Rappelling | Considerations to Reduce risk and Improve Efficiency

There are many ways to reduce risk while rappelling and simultaneously increase comfort and efficiency – let’s go over the options! In this clinic we will discuss many techniques dedicated to improving the rappelling experience for you and your clients: extensions, back-up options, knots, belays, and tools for dealing with tricky rappels are just a few examples of what this clinic will cover.

Suggested Prerequisite Training Level: Certified SPI or higher.

Instructor Marty Molitoris (AMGA Certified Rock & Alpine Guide, SPI Provider Trainer)


  • SPI Course and Assessment Prep

Are you considering taking an AMGA SPI Course or Assessment? Have you taken an SPI Course but it’s been a while and want a refresh? In this clinic, get a glimpse into the SPI Curriculum with longtime SPI Provider Matt Shove – Matt can help set you up for success on your next SPI Course or Assessment.

Suggested Prerequisite Training Level: Resume prerequisites for SPI course, completion of SPI course or higher.  

Instructor: Matt Shove (AMGA Certified Rock Instructor, SPI Provider Trainer)


  • Anchors for the SPI

SPI anchors can be complex and overwhelming… but they don’t have to be…lets demystify them! In this clinic, we’ll discuss solutions to common problems encountered in SPI terrain, and practice building efficient and strong SPI anchors with longtime SPI Provider, Joe Vitti.

Suggested Prerequisite Training Level: Completion of SPI course or higher.  

Instructor: Joe Vitti (AMGA Certified Rock Guide & Rock Instructor, SPI Provider Trainer)


Evening Program

Time: 6:00 – 9:00 PM1200px-arcteryx_logo-svg

Location: Mohonk Preserve visitor center

Join AMGA President, Angela Hawse, Executive Director, Alex Kosseff and other Board Members and staff for a presentation and discussion on the AMGA’s priorities in education, access, inclusivity and more.

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All members are invited to this FREE evening event. RSVP by May 20.