Mammut Women’s Day Scholarship

*2023 Update: We are not offering the Mammut Women’s Day Scholarship this year and are instead offering an additional women’s specific scholarship during our normal scholarship period.*

As an AMGA partner since 1998, Mammut is pleased to announce a women’s specific scholarship in partnership with AMGA. The recipient will be awarded a full tuition AMGA scholarship in any mountain guide course or exam and receive a complete kit including safety gear from Mammut. 

We created this partnership to support the advancement of all women in the outdoor industry. With only 16 fully certified American Mountain Guides/IFMGA Guides who identify as women in the United States, Mammut is offering this scholarship to reduce barriers to entry in a traditionally men-dominated space. Mammut recognizes the importance of women in the outdoors and is pursuing a more inclusive space. This scholarship is open to anyone who identifies as a woman and gender-expansive people who resonate with this opportunity. 


  • FAQ's

    What information do I submit in my scholarship application? 

    • Along with your contact information, current training and certifications, and future programs, we ask for this form to be completed for application.

    Do I have to be a member to apply?

    • All applicants must have a current AMGA membership to be considered for scholarships. If you do not have a membership or your membership is expired, you must apply or renew immediately.

    When will I find out if I received a scholarship?

    • All applicants will be notified on or before April 9, 2021 of their scholarship award status.

    Can I use a scholarship for a Single Pitch Instructor or Climbing Wall Instructor Course or Exam?

    How are recipients selected?

    • Once the application period closes, all applications are sent to committee for review. The scholarship committee will review all submissions and rank applicants accordingly. The committee uses a rubric to evaluate all applications, the main categories are: Eligibility and effort of your application and essay, commitment to the guiding profession, commitment to professional development and continuing education.

    If I am awarded a scholarship do I still need to apply to my AMGA program(s)?

    • YES. Scholarship recipients must apply to their AMGA program(s) as usual and must meet the applicable application deadlines for their 2022 programs

    Do I need to meet all the prerequisites for AMGA program(s) to apply for a scholarship?

    • In order to be eligible for scholarship, participants must show that they will a) meet the prerequisites at the time of application or b) will easily be able to meet the prerequisites in full by the time of the program.
    • *Prerequisites can be found for each discipline at

    Do I need to pay the $65.00 application fee to my AMGA program(s) if I received a scholarship?

    • YES. Scholarship recipients must pay the associated $65.00 application fee with any AMGA program they apply to. Mammut will reimburse the application fee to the awardee.

    What are next steps after I am offered a scholarship?

    • You will receive an email from the Membership and Communications team with next steps to accept your scholarship. They will send a contract with content requirements, let them know what program you would like to use your scholarship towards. Finally, apply for your course or exam as usual, if you haven't already. Please put a note in the text box of your resume for your program application indicating you are a scholarship recipient, this does not guarantee entry to the program if you do not meet the prerequisites or do not apply on time.

    What are the required materials I need to submit to fulfill the scholarship agreement if I am awarded a scholarship?

    • AMGA Scholarship recipients are required to provide the AMGA office with the required scholarship materials within 4 weeks of completing an applicable program. These materials must include two (2) of these three (3) submissions: a written report of the program (500-word minimum), a 90 second-3 minute minute video, and a minimum of 5 captioned photographs. Upon receipt of the required scholarship materials, the AMGA will reimburse the applicable tuition funds.

    If I am awarded a scholarship, do I need to pay for my course?

    • Yes. As a scholarship recipient you must pay for your course or exam as usual. Once your program is complete and you have submitted the required scholarship materials to the AMGA office, you will be issued a reimbursement check for the amount awarded to you. The sooner you turn in your course materials, the sooner we can begin the reimbursement process


  • Important Information

    • Applicants must be current AMGA members
    • Scholarship recipients must apply to their AMGA program as usual and must meet the applicable deadlines for their 2021 program
    • All prerequisites must be met in full at the time of application
    • Scholarship recipients are still required to pay the $65 non-refundable application fee that is associated with all Mountain Guide Program applications
    • It is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient to meet the application deadlines and submit complete applications. Recipients who fail to meet deadlines or application requirements will forfeit their scholarship
    • All AMGA scholarship recipients are required to submit required scholarship material within 4 weeks after of completing an applicable program
    • All scholarship recipients must pay for courses and exams as usual. Once your program is complete and you have submitted the required scholarship materials to the AMGA office, you will be issued a reimbursement check for the amount awarded to you
    • To learn how to apply for a mountain guide program check out application information here 
    • Course schedules here