Brand Use Policy

During the past two years, the AMGA underwent a significant brand audit. At the end of this, the organization came out with a more solid foundation to its brand, which in turn creates more marketing credibility for our stakeholders, i.e. our members. We developed a new mission, brand platform, and brand identity. With this re-branding, the organization, its members, accredited business, and affiliates get more opportunities to stand out.

We need these branding guidelines to distinguish ourselves as individuals and as an organizational entity. It helps strengthen our image and identity in the marketplace. The new logos were made to enhance credibility for our members, preserve the integrity of the brand, and heighten awareness of the AMGA and our mission. The guidelines are here to protect and strengthen our brand, which is YOUR brand. The AMGA logos were designed to enhance the AMGA’s organizational identity and shape the perception and understanding of the guided public. We want to be respectful and recognize the amount time, energy, and money you’ve invested into the organization.

Our new mission statement is that the AMGA “inspires and supports a culture of American mountain craft.” Everyone who is an AMGA member believes in this statement; each of you are an instrumental part of the organization and make a difference when speaking to the public at slideshows, events, and even more so to peers. YOU are the voice of this organization; what you say and do makes a huge difference and influences your clients, friends, and co-workers. Remember that we are all working together with the same goal in mind.

Download the AMGA Brand Use Policy here.