Mountain Equipment Alpamayo & Switch Pro Hooded Jacket Review – By Lindsay Fixmer

  Alpamayo Women’s Jacket: Your Ultimate Companion for Extreme Conditions The Alpamayo Women’s Jacket is your ultimate companion. Crafted to withstand the most hostile environments and ever-changing weather conditions, this jacket seamlessly blends performance and functionality. So, gear up, embrace the elements, and let the Alpamayo be your steadfast ally on your next adventure! Key […]

The Secret Weapon – DPS Wailer 112 Ski review

I’m definitely not a believer in the one ski quiver.  I own a lot of skis  – several pairs of skis that are over 120 under-foot (one with lightweight touring bindings and one with beefy alpine bindings), several pairs in the 110-range and one pair in the 100-range for the spring.  I don’t know if […]

Manage Risk and Stay Connected with inReach

Professional guides and outfitters, as well as government, search and rescue, and avalanche organizations of all sizes use inReach® to enhance safety and stay connected, oriented and informed in the field. Cell phones and radios work great — until they don’t. Garmin inReach devices work around the world and provide a complete system for trip […]

A Ski for Any Season…the DPS Alchemist Wailer 106

AMGA Instructor Team Member, Mike Soucy Reviews the DPS Alchemist Wailer 106 The “winter” of 2017-18 was an underperformer here in Colorado with erratic temps, meager snowfall, and plenty of disturbingly weak snow at the bottom of our snowpack. I was unaware of this future in November when I gazed daily at my Alchemist Wailer […]

Salomon Shift Review

Are you a ski patroller who needs the ability to access certain terrain with a touring binding, but the majority of your time is spent downhill skiing? Are you a mechanized ski guide and need the option to use skins in an emergency? Or, do you simply want a slick touring binding that transforms into […]

The Goldilocks of Packs – this one is just right!

Product review by Abby Rowe, member since 2012 and Certified Single Pitch Instructor I remember putting on my dad’s suit coat and tie as a child and carrying his brief case around the house with an increased tone of authority in my voice while the tie brushed against my knee caps. As a smaller adult […]

TrainingBeta Power Endurance Program – Review By Albert Alvarez

Power Endurance – TrainingBeta The Power Endurance Program by TrainingBeta is definitely worth the investment and as long as you stick to the program, you’ll see some very noticeable results. There are two very huge advantages that aren’t clearly stated when you purchase the plan. Firstly, you get customer support that is always ready to […]

Voke Tab Review | by Jonathon Spitzer

I recently tried out some Voke Tabs.  These small caffeine pills contain 77 mg of caffeine in one little tab.  An espresso shot contains a similar amount of caffeine.  The tabs are dissolvable and are an easy alternative to coffee when it is unavailable. My only complaint is that I found the taste to be […]

Millet Trilogy Synth’x Down Hoodie Review – By Josh Kling

Every outdoor endeavor from spring to fall and the middle of winter needs some sort of puffy coat.  This is especially true when working high in the San Juan Mountains in the middle of winter.  This past fall, just before winter started, I received a Millet Trilogy Synth’X Down Hoodie. Since the fall this jacket […]

CAMP Storm Helmet Review – By Clint Cook

CAMP Storm Helmet Review I consider myself a climbing helmet snob. I have tried every helmet out there for the last 10 years, and have found only a couple that do well on all categories. Many are very light and comfortable, but not durable. Some are durable but offer less than ideal coverage or poor […]