TrainingBeta Power Endurance Program – Review By Albert Alvarez


Power Endurance – TrainingBeta

The Power Endurance Program by TrainingBeta is definitely worth the investment and as long as you stick to the program, you’ll see some very noticeable results. There are two very huge advantages that aren’t clearly stated when you purchase the plan. Firstly, you get customer support that is always ready to answer your questions. I only had one question/doubt regarding the plan, but it was addressed within a day and rejuvenated my psych to continue. Secondly, the plan is very flexible and can be used as a template to cater to any level or conditioning.

the-dig-11aI started noticing results by week 4 and during my performance week there was a significant performance boost (I was comfortably leading 5.10c at the start and ended up sending a couple 12b’s on lead by the end of the plan). I’ve never been a big fan of following training routines, but the people of Training Beta have definitely persuaded me to try some other programs.

A couple downsides are as follows:

No suggestions for alternative workouts. We didn’t have a campus board at our climbing gym and so I had to come up with all my own alternative exercises which I’m not sure are the best alternatives. Although I’m sure I could have gotten some suggestions had I emailed Training Beta, it would be nice to have some alternatives in the plan to start with.

There was no suggestion regarding how to tie it in with a nutritional plan. In fact, it stated that we should continue to eat normally. I definitely changed my nutritional needs and diet when training and I believe that my results may have been increased because I also adjusted my diet.

Since the plan works best with partners (I know I wouldn’t have finished without my partners), I think that training with friends should be emphasized more than just a few lines within the plan.

Albert Alvarez

– Albert Alvarez is an AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor and Apprentice Rock Guide based out of El Paso, TX