• Accreditation

    accredited_colorEstablished in 1986, the AMGA Accreditation Program endorses guide services, climbing programs, and/or school or university outdoor programs that offer climbing instruction, guided climbing, or skiing services. Accreditation provides a consistent standard for judging the reliability and professionalism of a climbing service by ensuring it:


    • Conforms to industry standards;
    • Guarantees rigorous and uniform guide training;
    • Is compliant with state and federal law;
    • Promotes ethical business practices.


    • Businesses are committed to high technical standards, strong programs, and a quality staff of engaged and engaging climbing instructors and guides;
    • Businesses have AMGA certified guides and climbing instructors on staff;
    • Businesses are required to comply the AMGA Scope of Practice;
    • Businesses encourage staff members to pursue AMGA certification, provide mentoring, and support staff through the AMGA training and certification process;
    • Accredited businesses conduct annual terrain specific trainings utilizing AMGA certified staff members.

    List of AMGA Accredited Businesses


  • Prerequisites

    Accredited Businesses:

    • Accredited Businesses must have a commitment to the mission of the AMGA;
    • Accredited Businesses must meet and follow the requirements of the Scope of Practice (SOP);
    • The Businesses must have been in continuous operation with the same owner for three full years prior to the time of application;
    • Accredited Businesses must have the appropriate number of AMGA certified guides on staff to meet the accreditation standards for mentoring and supervision; This is determined by the terrain in which the business operates. The business must employee a certified guide or instructor for each of the types of terrain in which they operate.
    • Accredited Businesses must have the appropriate land management permits and insurance for their operations.

    Accredited Sole Proprietorship/Partnership:

    • This type of accreditation is designed for an individual or partnership;
    • All staff must hold ownership of the business;
      • Staff cannot be employees or independent contractors;
    • Owners must be certified at one of the following levels. IFMGA, Rock, Alpine, or Ski Guide, Multi-Pitch, Rock, or Ice Instructor;
    • Owners must have been in continuous operation for three full years;
  • What is Reviewed

    AMGA representatives grant Accreditation to companies that meet or exceed the AMGA’s high operational standards. Accreditation includes reviews of:

    • General business practices
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Operating guidelines
    • Access
    • Permits
    • Insurance
    • Employment
    • Guide Training
    • Compliance with state, federal, and local regulations
    • Staff training and professional development
    • Resource stewardship
    • Adherence to current industry standards
  • Benefits

    • Demonstrates to the general public and Land Managers that your business meets or exceeds industry standards—a true asset when attracting clients or participants.
    • Illustrates your commitment to preserving and protecting mountain environments.
    • Improves your business practices, infrastructure, and program quality through regular review.
    • Accredited businesses can arrange to run in-house, entry-level courses (RGC, ASC, AGC, SGC, IIC) for their employees at a substantially lower cost.
    • Gives your organization greater exposure via the AMGA Website.
    • Using the AMGA Accreditation logo in marketing and promotional materials can boost your reputation.
    • Post jobs at no charge on the AMGA’s website.
    • Ensure access to public lands where AMGA Accreditation or Certification is required to obtain a commercial use permit.
    • Demonstrates to federal, state, and local regulators your commitment to the “public good” through a voluntary review process and commitment to high industry standards.
    • The AMGA provides support, advocacy, and lobbying on access and regulatory issues.
  • How To Apply

    • The first step is to contact the Accreditation Manager to discuss the standards and accreditation process.
    • After an initial conversation, the business submits an application package which includes the completed AMGA Accreditation Standards Self-Assessment, Guide Roster, all required supporting business documentation like guide manuals, permit information (etc), and Accreditation review fee.
    • Details on all of the above can be found in the AMGA Accreditation Manual.
    • The application window for prospective Accredited Businesses to submit accreditation packages is January through March of each year.
    • For more information about the AMGA Accreditation Program, contact the AMGA Accreditation Manager. Email: [email protected]. Phone: 303.557.2164