Required Medical & Avalanche Certification

Medical Certifications

You must have the following certifications for all Mountain Guide Programs:

Avalanche Certification

AMGA accepted Level II Avalanche Certification (required for the Ski Guide Course, Alpine Guide Course, Ice Instructor Course and Advanced Alpine Guide Course).

    • AIARE or AAI Level II Certification
    • American Avalanche Association Level II Course Completion Certificates from 2006 or later
    • Canadian Avalanche Association Level I (CAA 1) Certification

Make sure the Level II course you take is approved by AIARE, AAI, CAA so that you meet the prerequisites for taking a Level III course.

AMGA accepted Level III Avalanche Certification (required for the Advanced Ski Guide Course, Ski Guide Exam, and Alpine Guide Exam):

  • AIARE Level III Certification from 2006 or later
  • American Avalanche Institute (AAI) Level III Certification from 2010 or later
  • Canadian Avalanche Association Level II (CAA II) Certification