Webinars & Resources for Members

As the Coronavirus crisis unfolds, the AMGA community and guiding industry faces unprecedented challenges. The AMGA is here to advocate for you and help provide critical information through the crisis. We are hosting weekly webinars to provide critical information and support for AMGA members, along with skills training for guides. Scroll down for all recorded webinars.

Fixed Point Belays with Patrick Ormond

Join AMGA Instructor Team Member Patrick Ormond (American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide) for a webinar on the what, why, where, when, and how of Fixed Point Belays (Belaying a leader directly off the anchor). Patrick looks at anchor configurations, positioning, different belay methods, and essential elements to protect the leader and the belayer.

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Gaia and Navigation with Ian Nicholson

Ever wonder how you can use your phone more effectively as a GPS? If you have ever been lost in the backcountry or got back to the car far later than expected, this clinic is for you.

AMGA Instructor Team Member Ian Nicholson (American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide) covers basic tools offered on and the Gaia GPS smartphone app to help you plan trips, build route plans, figure out where you are in the field, and help you use these tools to best get you where you are trying to go.

Guiding in the Age of COVID with Alan Oram

Join Dr. Alan Oram, AMGA’s Medical Advisor, Emergency Medicine Physician, and American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide, in discussing the medical and infection control aspects of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Becoming an SPI Provider

Join CIP Manager Andrew Megas-Russell and SPI Provider Trainer Jason Martin as they review the process of becoming an SPI provider and offer valuable advice for applicants looking to start down this path.

Rock Rescue Drill with Silas Rossi

Join AMGA Instructor Team Member Silas Rossi (American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide) in breaking down the AMGA Rock Rescue Drill. Whether this is your first exposure to the AMGA Rock Rescue Drill or you’ve got it dialed there’s sure to be something for you.

Return to Work Forum

Watch a panel of experts including Dr. Alan Oram, AMGA’s medical advisor and IFMGA guide, Mark Vermeal, Risk Management professional, and Kristin Carpenter of Verde Brand communications in a discussion about approaches to the dynamic COVID-19 crisis. The forum will briefly addressed how the AMGA is approaching the crisis, and Alex Kosseff our Executive Director moderated a Q&A on good practices for guides’ return to work.

Weather for Guides with Ian Nicholson

Watch AMGA Instructor Team member Ian Nicholson (American Mountain guide/IFMGA Guide) for an informative session on weather for guides. Ian covers basic weather concepts such as how pressure, temperature, and wind interact and how they directly affect the weather. He details several common weather phenomenon particularly as they commonly relate to guiding and mountainous environments. Lastly, he introduces the top-down “funnel” approach to forecasting as well as tools to help further assist us in weather prediction and ultimately gain a better understanding of weather trends and what is going on it the atmosphere above us.

Munter and Clove Hitches with Dale Remsberg

Although a basic requirement of instruction and guiding, munter and clove hitches are often used one dimensionally. join Dale Remsberg (American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Mountain Guide and AMGA Technical Director) for a short webinar where he will discuss how to refine and make the use of these core hitches elegant and multi-directional.

Everything you want to know about the Certified Guide Cooperative

So, what is the “Certified Guides Co-op”? In short, the CGC is part of the current and future business and access landscape for guiding in the United States. This webinar elaborates further. Join American Mountain Guides/IFMGA Mountain Guides Geoff Unger and Jediah Porter, along with several other invested CGC members for a talk ranging from an introduction to the Co-op, to what AMGA members need to know to support and participate in the work and benefits of the Certified Guide Co-op.

Additional CGC resources can be found here

Planning for COVID 19 with Leah Corrigan- May 5th

Join attorney Leah Corrigan who discussed the potential for liability related to conducting guiding operations in the age of Covid-19, and suggest practical ways to mitigate that liability, including adjusting the language of waivers, communicating inherent risk, and creating a Covid-19 operations plan that mitigates the risk of infection.

Leah has also created a framework for Covid operations planning and risk mitigation. Read the framework here

Q & A with Alex Kosseff- April 29th

Join Alex and other senior staff for live Q&A sessions to discuss Coronavirus response and broader AMGA topics.

Climbing Instructor Program Q & A with Andrew Megas-Russell- April 22nd

Join Andrew Megas-Russell, our Climbing Instructor Program Manager, as he answers the top three most commonly asked questions related to SPI and CWI programs while highlighting useful resources for members. This webinar will focus on all things related to the SPI and CWI programs.

Q & A with Dale Remsberg- April 15th

Join Dale in his gear room for a discussion about common errors, problems, and mental preparedness for AMGA courses and exams at every level.

Yoga with Heidi Wirtz- April 7th

Join us for a Yoga Class with Heidi Wirtz (AMGA Rock Guide and Yoga Teacher). Collectively we can come together as a virtual community and relieve some stress together.

Understanding Federal Stimulus for Guides and Guide Service- April 8th

Have you heard about the new federal assistance loans, grants, and unemployment benefits but you’re not sure how they apply to you or your business? Watch this webinar with AMGA Advocacy and Policy Director, Matt Wade, on the new assistance programs that are available under the CARES Act. Matt provided information on Economic Injury Disaster Loans and Grants, Paycheck Protection Program Loans, and expanded unemployment benefits. 

AMGA Webinar| Slide Deck from Federal Stimulus Webinar

 Stress and Resilience during COVID 19- April 1st

Join us for a webinar focused on mental health for yourself and your community during this time. Learn some fundamental information about stress, resilience, and psychological first aid to use now and into the future.

Laura McGladrey has instructed for the NOLS Wilderness Medicine for the past 20 years and is a Nurse Practitioner with dual certification, practicing both emergency medicine and psychiatry across the lifespan. She currently works in the Emergency Department and the Stress Trauma Adversity Research and Treatment (START) Center trauma support for Emergency and Wilderness Responders. She has a background in international and relief work and continues to work teaching nationally on Psychological First Aid and Stress Injuries. She is the Stress and Resilience Advisor for Portland Mountain Rescue, Colorado Outward Bound and Eldora Ski Patrol.

Slides from AMGA Webinar | Stress and Resilience during Coronavirus

Crisis Communications & COVID 19- March 17th

To help you or your business navigate this rapidly shifting terrain view this webinar on coronavirus communications for your guiding business with Kristin Carpenter, CEO of Verde Brand Communications.

Verde Brand Communications | Slide deck from Webinar