Advocacy and Policy


As America’s voice for guides, the AMGA is ensuring our community is at the table and actively shaping a positive future for facilitated access in the United States. The Advocacy Team works with lawmakers, agency officials, local land managers, guides, the public, and industry partners to promote policies that improve recreational access to public lands for facilitated groups.

Why AMGA Advocacy
The AMGA Advocacy Program is driven by a need for fundamental change in the outfitter and guide permitting systems of the federal land agencies. Outdated regulations and excessive red tape are preventing guides from getting the permits they need to serve the public on public lands. This is preventing large segments of the American population from experiencing the legacy of America’s public lands and the enjoyment of outdoor recreation in these special places.

Our Mission
The mission of the AMGA Advocacy Program is to expand opportunities for the public to access public lands with a guide.

Our Strategy
The mission of the AMGA Advocacy Program is executed through four strategic pillars:

  • Working on national policy in Washington D.C.
  • Engaging on local and regional access issues
  • Serving as an educational resource for land managers and AMGA members
  • Caring for the public and private lands we visit

Our Core Values
When working with lawmakers, agency officials, local and regional land managers, guide business owners, local guides, and the public we uphold the following core values:

Collaboration – We believe the best solutions are grounded in active collaboration. When working with land managers, guides, policy makers, and other stakeholders we foster collaboration through active listening, understanding, and a solution-oriented mindset.

Education – We support a well-informed membership and we serve as an educational body for land managers wishing to improve safety and enhance visitor experiences.

Stewardship –We provide high-quality recreation experiences that are dependent upon scenic landscapes, healthy ecosystems, and vibrant communities of wildlife. To ensure these places remain attractive for generations to come, we actively engage in stewardship initiatives and we promote an ethic of environmental responsibility.

Empowerment – We empower guides to be effective self-advocates, professional representatives of the facilitated access community, and trusted partners to land managers.

Partnership – We partner with like-minded organizations to bolster shared interests and expand our reach. We believe we all get better together.

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