The Rise Project

Resilience. Integration. Support. Education.

All humans are walking through the world coping with stress and trauma. As guides we are often exposed to a higher level of stress and trauma than the general population. In our profession we may experience trauma on a recurring basis, we are often first responders to traumatic events, and our community experiences a disproportionate amount of grief and loss. The nature of our work and the stress of our training can take a toll over time. 

Developing healthy strategies to cope with stress and trauma can improve mental health and minimize the effects of stressful events. Taking steps to nurture one’s mental health could be considered  another risk management tool in a guide’s tool kit, and a part of a holistic guide education. 

The AMGA has compiled the information below to help guides better understand mental health and gain tools to cope with stress and trauma. By providing resources, support, and connection, we hope to help our community RISE together and promote mental health and well being.

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