Become a CWI Provider

New for 2023!

The process of becoming a CWI Provider has been fully revised. Please check out this revamped page to learn about the path to becoming a CWI Provider.


What is a CWI Provider?

Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) Providers are a vital component of the AMGA. Based throughout the country, CWI Providers teach AMGA CWI Programs.

As representatives of the AMGA and providers of the CWI curriculum – we look for dedicated educators with comprehensive teaching and/or mentoring experience that are committed to helping students succeed. In addition to climbing and technical expertise, being able to articulate written and verbal feedback is an essential skill for those interested in becoming a Provider. We are also seeking individuals who are committed to creating inclusive and supportive learning environments for all aspiring climbing instructors.

The process of becoming a Provider is a partnership between the applicant and the AMGA—the training program is taught and facilitated by the AMGA.

How do I become a CWI Provider?

  1. Start by applying to the 5 day Provider Training Course! Please see prerequisites and “how to apply” information below.
  2. Participate in the 5 day Provider Training Course: those candidates who successfully pass are approved to teach CWI Programs independently as a Provider, at the 6:1 student to Provider ratio. 
  3. Teach programs: CWI Providers are subject to a provisional period starting from the date of Provider Training Course completion. A provisional period is a mutual evaluation time for the Provider and the AMGA. The provisional period is based on the performance of the Provider. During this time, the Provider may be subject to program auditing by AMGA. We look for ongoing performance that meets the standards expected of an AMGA CWI. Performance evaluation will be part of eligibility to renew one’s Provider Agreement each year.

Please visit the FAQ for more information.


If you are a current Assistant Provider:

Check out the Assistant Provider Bridge Program for more information and options for your advancement toward Provider status.


Program Information

  • Prerequisites:

    CWI Provider Prerequisites:

    Minimum training level required:

    • AMGA CWI-Lead

    Minimum teaching and instructing experience:

      • 300 hours teaching and instructing climbing in an indoor or artificial climbing wall environment
      • 50 hours should be listed in the resume template.
      • Experience in group management, experiential education, and staff training is preferred

    Able to top rope 5.9 and onsight lead 5.8 sport, on artificial surfaces, at the time of the training course.Is capable of giving a lead demonstration with conscious movement that inspires confidence and is worthy of emulation.

    Current AMGA Member

    21 years of age or older

  • How to Apply:

    Application Instructions:

    In order for your application to be considered please submit the following items prior to the application deadline. 

    Email application packet, in a google drive folder, to the Climbing Instructor Program Manager, Andrew Megas-Russell [email protected] and pay the application fee prior to the application deadline.

    1. Essay Questions: 

    Answer 5 out of the 6, limit 250-500 words per question

    • What will make you an effective provider and what elevates you above other candidates?
    • What would you bring that would be valuable to the Climbing Instructor Program?
    • How do you provide an atmosphere that makes you approachable for instructors both professionally and personally? 
    • Share a time when you received tough feedback from a supervisor or boss?
    • Describe key elements related to facilitating effective daily, end of day, and final debrief feedback on a program.
    • Provide a written example of feedback telling a student they did not pass their movement.

    2. Professional resume

    • That highlights a background in teaching or instructing.
    • Please include the number of days instructing at each job and number of days guiding at each job.

    3. Indoor or manufactured climbing wall instruction and teaching resume - Applicants must use the CWI Resume-Template provided by the AMGA

    a. Document (a minimum) of 25 classes or clinics - which equates to between 50-100 hours

    b. This will include the audience: youth group, adult group, climbing team members, school group, or private individuals

    c. As well as the topic of your class or clinic: lead climbing, lead belaying top rope belaying, bouldering technique, climbing movement, or staff training

    d. Experience in group management, experiential education, and staff training is preferred

    4. $65 non-refundable application fee - To pay over the phone, please call Andrew, 303.578.3655 or mail check to AMGA Attn: CIP Manager 4720 Walnut Street Suite 200, Boulder, CO 80301


    Please do not submit AMGA course evaluations or certifications with the application. These may be reviewed during the application process. You do not need to include these.


  • Application Review:

    Application Review:

    Enrollment decisions are based on a number of factors including the following:

    • Application is received by the application deadline
    • Resume completeness and strength
    • Evaluations from previous courses and exams
    • Previous wait list status

    Best Qualified applicants considerably exceed the minimum prerequisites

    Well Qualified applicants exceed the minimum prerequisites

    Qualified applicants meet the minimum prerequisites


    Tuition Information:
    Participants are responsible for other costs associated with the training including but not limited to food, travel and lodging.
    Pay your $500.00 deposit (due two weeks from your date of acceptance). Log-in to myAMGA to pay your course deposit ($150 is nonrefundable if you drop out of the course or exam).
    To accept and hold your space on a program, full tuition is due within two weeks of acceptance.
    Failure to pay your tuition will result in being dropped from the program.
    Refunds will be issued up until 4-weeks prior to the start of the program. Once the 4-week mark passes, NO refunds will be issued.
    There is no transfer option. If you drop from your training course you will need to reapply. The AMGA will waive your application fee one time.
    If the AMGA cancels a training, all payments will be refunded in full. This applies to tuition only - participants are responsible for their own travel, lodging, food, and other expenses.
    Trip Cancellation Insurance is recommended to protect your tuition investment and cover other expenses in the event of injury or other unforeseen event resulting in you needing to drop.


    COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement:
    • AMGA requires all participants on Mountain Guide Programs and Provider Training Programs to be fully vaccinated & boosted (if eligible) beginning 3/8/22.
    • You will need to upload your Covid-19 Vaccine Card to your myAMGA dashboard by the drop deadline for your program.
    • If you do not upload your proof of vaccination by the drop deadline, you will be dropped from the program and given a refund less $150.00.
    • To assist any student with a disability or a sincerely held religious belief that prevents them from being vaccinated, a reasonable accommodation may be made. To request such accommodation please email [email protected] no later than 12 weeks prior to your scheduled course or exam. Please reference pages 4-5 of the COVID-19 Operating Plan for details.
    • More information can be found in the AMGA COVID-19 Operating Plan | AMGA COVID-19 Operating Plan | V 3.3


    The 5 day CWI Provider Training Program is a combination of instruction, coaching, debriefing, and assessment. There are 2.5-days of instruction and course work and a 2.5-day assessment.

    The Course portion of the program includes:
    Principle-based learning routed in giving candidates strategies for teaching curriculum along with assessment strategies.

    The Exam portion of the program includes:
    Critical review of course curriculum session delivery as would be replicated on a CWI Program
    Assessment scenarios and or real client interactions where candidates will need to evaluate and deliver written or verbal feedback

  • Additional Information:

    Additional Information:

    • Do I need first aid or CPR training to apply?
    You must hold the level of medical training that matches the requirement of the climbing gym or facility that will be hosting the AMGA CWI courses that you intend to provide.

    • The AMGA does not reimburse for any travel, food, lodging or associated costs to become a provider.

    • Once your application is accepted you will receive more information.

    • If you have additional questions after referring to this entire page, please contact Andrew [email protected]


CWI Provider Training Schedule

Application Period Opens: November 4th, 2022

Application Period Closes: January 9th, 2023

Notification Deadline: February 17th, 2023


*** Program dates and locations will be added soon

CWI Provider Training Course and Assessment (5 days):

  • Program Dates: 2023 TBD
  • Location: 2023 TBD
  • Tuition Cost: $2,000
  • Application Fee: $65


CWI Assistant Provider Bridge Program (3 days):

  • Only for current Assistant Providers see details here
  • Program Dates: 2023 TBD
  • Location: 2023 TBD
  • Tuition Cost: $1,350
  • Application Fee: $65