Speak Up | Reporting Form

Speak Up | Reporting Form

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The AMGA Code of Ethics and Conduct demonstrates the commitment AMGA members make to uphold high standards of ethics and professionalism. The AMGA Code of Ethics and Conduct ensures exceptional service to the public, promotes respect and integrity among AMGA members, and advances the professionalism of the industry.

The AMGA Code of Ethics and Conduct applies to all AMGA members in circumstances when a member is acting in a professional capacity or engaging in personal activities that have a direct reflection on the AMGA. Violation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct may result in disciplinary action.

Before reporting, read this page first 

If an individual believes there has been a violation of the AMGA Code of Ethics and Conduct, the individual may report the alleged violation to the AMGA through the Speak Up platform:
  • Complete the form below*
  • or Call: 720-506-4935
  • or Email our confidential service

*The results of this form are confidential and results get sent directly to our 3rd party firm.

Complaints submitted through the AMGA Speak Up platform are received and processed by Investigations Law Group (ILG), a third-party investigations firm. Upon receiving a complaint, ILG determines the severity of the infraction, documents the complaint information, and works with the AMGA to review and adjudicate the complaint.