2021 Dynafit Scholarship | Patrick Chu

I am certain that there is no better tool suited for the mountains than a pair of skis. Simple in concept and elegant in function, skis allow us to travel efficiently over snow-covered terrain while providing endless opportunities for gravity-fed entertainment.  Skis can transform how we look at the mountains, shifting our focus away from […]

Young Aspiring Guide- Patrick Dunn

In early March 2021 I left Bend Oregon and headed south to Red Rock NCA with immense excitement and so many nerves. I was heading to partake in my first AMGA Rock Guide course, something I had prepared for and dreamed about for years. But this journey wasn’t so simple. One year earlier, I was […]

Women’s SPI Course | Brie Chartier

Everyone Belongs on Rope: Attending the third AMGA Women’s SPI Course  Why Are We Here? Climbing draws people who are adventurous and driven to explore new places both in the world and inside ourselves.  Climbers like to be on top of the world and connect to the journey as well as the destination. The fact that […]

Women’s RGC | Anna Hicks

Some of my friends who are guides dreamed about becoming a guide for a long time.  Personally, when I started guiding in 2015, it was because I desperately needed a job.  After 9 years working for the Park Service at Mount Rainier, I was not ready to leave the mountain, but I could no longer […]

Ascent ASC | Suraj Kushwaha

This AMGA Ascent Alpine Skills Course introduced me to the world of guiding. It made clear to me the level of competence, skill, and adaptability that is expected of professionals in the industry. It helped me identify my own skills, as well as the gaps in my knowledge, and create a plan to prepare for […]

Majka Burhardt | 2020 Scholarship Report

On February 3rd I became the third-ever AMGA certified Ice Instructor, and first woman to receive the certification. I’m proud to be among the group bringing this certification to the main stage of American guiding. Is the woman part important? It is to me, and likely to roughly 50% of the climbing/guiding public, and hopefully […]

Promoting a safe and supportive culture

Scholarship Report | Erin Laine | 2019 Patagonia Scholarship Recipient 3:27am. The time on my phone confirming once more that my sweaty elbows and racing thoughts were entirely inappropriate, and I should definitely be sleeping. resting up for the AMGA advanced ski guides course starting tomorrow-well today. One look at the roster and I had […]

Scholarship Report | Chris Cullaz

2019 Casio Scholarship Recipient | Chris Cullaz | Alpine Guide Course The timing of this course couldn’t be better, in a few weeks I will be flying up to Alaska for my second season guiding on Denali, where I will get to apply glacier travel techniques we learned and if the weather cooperates, guide more […]

Scholarship Report | Amy Ness

Amy Ness |  2019 Rock Guide Course participant and First Ascent Charitable Foundation Scholarship Recipient I was so nervous to attend my Rock Guide Course held in Joshua Tree National Park this March.  Would I look unprofessional, unknowledgeable, or just plain dumb? It had been awhile since I had built a hauling system out of […]

Scholarship Report | Jeff Dobronyi

Jeff Dobronyi | 2019 North Face Scholarship Recipient  July 17th dawned cold and rainy in the North Cascades. The other candidates and I cast doubtful glances at the grey sky and low clouds enveloping nearby Cutthroat Peak. The asphalt in the parking lot was wet from the night’s rain, and the next pulse of precip was […]