2023 AMGA Membership Scholarship | Ross Lindell

Ski guiding can be hard work. Managing client expectations, fitness, and skill on one hand, while also managing slope stability, weather, and snow conditions on the other hand is all part of the juggling act that must be performed as a ski guide. Throw in some white out navigation or a big descent in flat […]

2022 Patagonia Scholarship | Japhy Dhungana

The AMGA Alpine Guide Exam was the culmination of a seven-year journey in my professional development as a guide.  I am grateful to Patagonia for sponsoring my scholarship and enabling me to complete my certification as an Alpine Guide.  In many ways, although I have been guiding in the alpine discipline for over 12 years, […]

2021 Salewa Scholarship | Matt Zia

The last time I climbed ice in the Ouray area I was 23 years old, cutting my teeth on the bigger routes outside the Ouray Ice Park. In the six years since those formative experiences on routes like Stairway to Heaven, I made my way north to Bozeman, MT and have had the good fortune […]

2020 Petzl Scholarship | Timm Phillips

This past June, with a generous scholarship courtesy of Petzl, I was fortunate enough to participate in the AMGA’s Alpine Guide Course in the sunny Sierra.  Many thanks to Petzl for their kind support.  Their dedication to the mountain guiding craft makes educational endeavors such as the Sierra Alpine Guide Course possible.  The brand invests […]

2021 Arc’teryx Scholarship | Molly Massena

The 2020/2021 winter season will shortly be coming to a close. I am proud to say that I was able to successfully complete my Ski Guide Course in Stanley, Idaho this March; roughly one year after things had shut down for the Covid-19 Pandemic. This last year has been tough on everyone, which makes me […]

2020 Mammut Scholarship | Dominic Rickicki

In the fall of 2020 I participated in an Advanced Rock Guide Course in Red Rocks. This trip to Red Rocks was my first time to visit the climbing area, which made for a much welcomed course experience where I needed to utilize a lot of outside resources for route beta and guiding considerations. Previous […]

Ascent ASC | Theresa Silveyra

 “As a guide, you are the connector to the mountain.”  As I sit comfortably at home now, reflecting on the five days spent with my Ascent ASC cohort, I find these words scribbled out on page 3 of my already worn Rite in the Rain notebook. It was day one of the course and Joshua […]

2021 Dynafit Scholarship | Patrick Chu

I am certain that there is no better tool suited for the mountains than a pair of skis. Simple in concept and elegant in function, skis allow us to travel efficiently over snow-covered terrain while providing endless opportunities for gravity-fed entertainment.  Skis can transform how we look at the mountains, shifting our focus away from […]

Young Aspiring Guide- Patrick Dunn

In early March 2021 I left Bend Oregon and headed south to Red Rock NCA with immense excitement and so many nerves. I was heading to partake in my first AMGA Rock Guide course, something I had prepared for and dreamed about for years. But this journey wasn’t so simple. One year earlier, I was […]

Women’s SPI Course | Brie Chartier

Everyone Belongs on Rope: Attending the third AMGA Women’s SPI Course  Why Are We Here? Climbing draws people who are adventurous and driven to explore new places both in the world and inside ourselves.  Climbers like to be on top of the world and connect to the journey as well as the destination. The fact that […]