Colin Wann – 2016 Recipient of the Millet Scholarship

After letting go of the “How” I became enthralled with the “When” related to trainings and certifications with the AMGA. I have turned a corner and realized I am here for my own development as a guide and as a person. I am not here to fulfill requirements for land management red tape, job applications […]

Casey Graham – 2016 Mammut Scholarship Recipient

Over the course of my professional career in guiding and instructing in the outdoor industry, I have been a part of countless trainings, certification courses, and continuing education programs. Few, however, have compared to the quality and professionalism I have seen in the AMGA courses and exams I have taken. This winter, I found myself […]

Alan Rousseau – 2016 Recipient of the Doug Parker & Roger Baxter-Jones Memorial Scholarship

This past August I received a phone call explaining I had been chosen for the Doug Parker & Roger Baxter-Jones Memorial Scholarship for my Ski Guide Exam. I was incredibly touched that I’d been chosen to preserve the memory of these two men. Speaking with Richard on the phone, through a spotty connection, it was […]

Tico Gangulee – Marmot Scholarship Recipient

I am in no way the best skier in Houston, Texas. I can’t really say accurately that I’m the best ski guide in Houston. I am, however, without a doubt the most qualified ski guide in Houston, having passed my final AMGA exam, the Ski Guide Exam, with financial help from Marmot. My ten year journey to […]

Andrew Plagens: Forge Scholarship Video 2016

Snowboarding is one of the great passions in my life. Since the age of 4 I have had the privilege and opportunity to slide downhill with a large piece of wood strapped to my feet. When I moved to Colorado I discovered that a lot more riding existed beyond the resort and into the backcountry. […]

Zack Novak, 2016 Recipient of the Petzl Scholarship

I grew up about as far from skiing as possible, both physically and conceptually. No one in my family skied, and home was in Jerusalem, Israel. So I knew very well that as part of my progression down the road to becoming an American Mountain Guide would be to focus hard on the ski discipline. […]

Ian Fowler, 2016 Chad Vander Ham Scholarship Recipient

I was notified that I would be the 2016 Chad Vander Ham award recipient while in a small Colorado town camping with my family. To say I was excited was an understatement! I was honored to have been selected to keep the memory of Chad alive through the scholarships. The fact that my video was […]

Chris Sinatra, 2015 Young Aspiring Guides Scholarship Award Recipient

Smith Rock is where I learned to climb, so many years ago.  Standing on this rim when I was 9 filled me with a sense of adventure and a yearning for the unknown that would change the course of my life.  Taking the AMGA Rock Guide Course here seemed like a perfect way to bring everything […]

Paul Koubek, recipient of the 2015 Brooks-Range Mountaineering Scholarship

This year, I was the fortunate recipient of the 2015 Brooks-Range Mountaineering Scholarship. This scholarship, funded by Brooks-Range Mountaineering, allowed me to attend the AMGA’s Alpine Guide Exam, held in the North Cascades of Washington State from September 8–18. Brooks-Range is a small company of mountaineers that provides a selection of innovative, top-quality equipment for […]

Zahan Bilmoria, recipient of the 2015 Black Diamond Scholarship

I wanted to thank Black Diamond for stepping up and providing a full-ride scholarship for my Advanced Alpine Guide Course and Aspirant Exam. This was my next-to-last step toward my final certification—and an important step toward diversifying and improving my craft. For me, the defining characteristic of the program I took—and of guide certification in general—is […]