Paul Koubek, recipient of the 2015 Brooks-Range Mountaineering Scholarship

This year, I was the fortunate recipient of the 2015 Brooks-Range Mountaineering Scholarship. This scholarship, funded by Brooks-Range Mountaineering, allowed me to attend the AMGA’s Alpine Guide Exam, held in the North Cascades of Washington State from September 8–18. Brooks-Range is a small company of mountaineers that provides a selection of innovative, top-quality equipment for […]

Zahan Bilmoria, recipient of the 2015 Black Diamond Scholarship

I wanted to thank Black Diamond for stepping up and providing a full-ride scholarship for my Advanced Alpine Guide Course and Aspirant Exam. This was my next-to-last step toward my final certification—and an important step toward diversifying and improving my craft. For me, the defining characteristic of the program I took—and of guide certification in general—is […]

Mia Tucholke, Recipient of the 2015 Petzl Scholarship

Mia Tucholke received the 2015 Petzl scholarship for her AMGA Alpine Guide Course in Boulder, CO. Check out her video from the course!

The Alpine Guide Course in Boulder, Colorado, this past May was an excellent course taught by great instructors and shared with amazing peers. We had hoped for more (any?!) alpine time, but the weather and winds didn’t cooperate with us. Instead, we ended up with a techy course, something my engineering brain embraced with passion. […]

Michael Horst, Recipient of the 2015 Strength of Character Scholarship

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and to say thank you to the family members and friends of Matt Hegeman and Eitan Green, who have created and supported this scholarship. Like Matt and Eitan were, I am working toward full certification as a mountain guide. This scholarship was applied to the […]

Jaclyn Kuusinen, Recipient of the 2015 Patagonia Scholarship

Reflections from an AMGA Rock Guide Course Teaching and guiding rock climbing comprise the most rewarding career I can imagine. Technical rock climbing is the most interesting, challenging, and engaging activity I’ve ever encountered, and sharing my passion with others brings me great joy, and hopefully enriches the lives of those who choose to climb with […]

Micah Lewkowitz, Recipient of the 2015 Walker Family Foundation Scholarship

professionalism prəәˈfeSHəәnlˌizəәm/ (noun) the competence or skill, good judgment, and polite behavior expected of an expert in their field. I started guiding in 2006 for a small company based in Western Massachusetts, mostly toproping and backpacking trips along the Appalachian Trail. By 2008, I began guiding in the glaciated mountains outside Haines, Alaska. I remember, […]

John T. Young, Recipient of the 2015 Five Ten Scholarship

I have always loved being outdoors, exploring, getting muddy, crawling over and under things. Often when I would find a spectacular place or awe-inspiring view, I would drag a friend or family member along to share it. Not every outing was a success. Not every friend I dragged up a mountain or down a ravine was […]

Dave Ahrens, Recipient of the 2015 Five Ten/Randal Grandstaff Memorial Scholarship

2015 Five Ten/Randal Grandstaff Scholarship Video - Dave Ahrens from American Mountain Guides Assoc on Vimeo.

Dave Ahrens received the 2015 Five Ten/Randal Grandstaff Scholarship for his AMGA Advanced Ski Guide Course/Aspirant Exam this winter. Check out his video to see what the program is all about!

I would like to extend a huge thanks to Five Ten and the Randal Grandstaff Memorial Scholarship. Though this was a ski course, I also have a deep love for rock climbing, and though I never met Randal I know we shared a passion for rock climbing and introducing people to these passions we hold so high. […]

Miranda Oakley, Recipient of the 2015 Julia Cheney Culberson Educational Fund

When I first arrived in Yosemite almost ten years ago, I knew that it would be a part of my life forever. I arrived with less than $50 in my bank account and had simple dreams of getting a job washing dishes and climbing just high enough to see above the trees. As a young girl […]

James Turner, Recipient of the 2015 Eddie Bauer Scholarship

  My life as a climber started bumbling around New England ice falls, reading Kiss or Kill, Ice World, and trying not to epic. I happily relocated to Ouray, Colorado, late in 2001, drawn to the classic ice lines, the mountains, and the rich climbing history of the San Juan Range. Eventually, with the help […]