Kate McHugh – 2016 Patagonia Scholarship Recipient

What is the role of a rock guide?  Some may look at our industry and say that a guide must climb efficiently, never get the ropes tangled, and look sharp (thanks to Patagonia for the scholarship to take this course). While those things are true, there is so much more that builds the foundation for […]

Brandon Phillips – 2016 Aspiring Young Guides Scholarship Recipient

I am a believer in the idea that an experience can change someone’s life.  I choose to believe this because it happened to me.  I tied in for the first time at age 22 and on that day my life changed. When I reflect upon it, it’s probably a pretty common story for most people […]

2016 Walker Family Foundation Scholarship Recipient – Jeff Witt

My first vision of becoming a mountain guide occurred in 1999, when I passed through the Tetons and took an Alpine Guiding Course from Exum Mountain Guides.  At the time, I was an aspiring rock and alpine climber that wanted to learn how to move faster on technical terrain.  It was impressive how the Exum […]

2016 Outdoor Research Scholarship Recipient – Viren Perumal

It is ironic that as a 17 year-old east Indian kid that was born in Thailand and grew up and went to high school in Tennessee would find a passion for ice climbing in the Canadian rockies.  This was my story and as unlikely as the start to my ice climbing story was all the […]

2016 Mike Hattrup Scholarship Recipient – Mike Abbey

It’s April 23, 2016 and I’m on a helicopter flying into the Selkirk Lodge in British Columbia. It’s a beautiful spring day. The sun is out, and we’ll have great views of the ski terrain on the way in. Today is Day 1 of the 2016 AMGA Ski Guide Exam. I am confident that it […]

Azissa Singh – 2016 Arc’teryx Scholarship Recipient

A month ago I had never been to Southern California. To Joshua Tree. To the Wonderland of Rocks. In the flaring, insecure chimney of “Right On.” On the unlikely, hollow crimps of “Walk on the Wild Side.” On the inspiring, exposed “Southwest Arête.” Just a month ago I was anxiously awaiting an AMGA Rock Guide […]

Colin Wann – 2016 Recipient of the Millet Scholarship

After letting go of the “How” I became enthralled with the “When” related to trainings and certifications with the AMGA. I have turned a corner and realized I am here for my own development as a guide and as a person. I am not here to fulfill requirements for land management red tape, job applications […]

Casey Graham – 2016 Mammut Scholarship Recipient

Over the course of my professional career in guiding and instructing in the outdoor industry, I have been a part of countless trainings, certification courses, and continuing education programs. Few, however, have compared to the quality and professionalism I have seen in the AMGA courses and exams I have taken. This winter, I found myself […]

Alan Rousseau – 2016 Recipient of the Doug Parker & Roger Baxter-Jones Memorial Scholarship

This past August I received a phone call explaining I had been chosen for the Doug Parker & Roger Baxter-Jones Memorial Scholarship for my Ski Guide Exam. I was incredibly touched that I’d been chosen to preserve the memory of these two men. Speaking with Richard on the phone, through a spotty connection, it was […]

Tico Gangulee – Marmot Scholarship Recipient

I am in no way the best skier in Houston, Texas. I can’t really say accurately that I’m the best ski guide in Houston. I am, however, without a doubt the most qualified ski guide in Houston, having passed my final AMGA exam, the Ski Guide Exam, with financial help from Marmot. My ten year journey to […]