2017 Mammut Scholarship | Trevor Ellsworth

high-on-the-wombat-at-smith-rock-state-parkI am excited and proud to announce that, two days ago, I finished my first step into the guide track programs with the AMGA. It was an extremely beneficial experience and I am excited for what my future holds with the American Mountain Guides Association.

My attendance on this program would not have been possible without the scholarship that I received. Thank you Mammut for providing the scholarship for my course. Your dedication to the outdoor community gives hope for future generations of climbers and there are no words to express how grateful I am for the opportunity you supplied for me.

jeff-ward-instructing-copyBefore coming into this course I knew that the AMGA was a leader in the outdoor industry. Because of its mission-driven values and reputation for technical and academic excellence, I have been drawn to continue to develop myself with its programs.  It is an organization I am proud to support and be supported by. Through my experience on my course I feel better equipped to share my climbing knowledge.  The mission of the organization inspires me to continue to evaluate how much I can provide to the climbing community. Having benefited from many years of mentorship, I am always building on my ability to give back and am looking for new ways to do so. My hope as a guide is to share not only my technical expertise, but to use my skill set to let the mountains speak for themselves. People who have completed programs with the AMGA continually impress me with their professionalism; they seem to be confident, knowledgeable and qualified to be leaders in the industry.  I am lucky and proud to find myself amongst this crowd and I am humbled by overwhelming amount of support I have received from my family and friends to continue in this line of work.

participant-short-roping-tim-brown-copyFor me, guiding shares the values of nature and the power of working together for a common goal. It creates openings to examine your life in a different light, and it develops growth.  Guiding is a balance of stewardship, technical knowledge and people skills. It is a difficult profession, which takes strength of character. I encourage all future guides to find mentorship and never stop learning, that you continue to evaluate your performance among colleagues and guests, and that you lead by example inside and outside of the realm in which you work.

A huge thank you, again, to the AMGA and Mammut; our community is stronger because all the work and energy you put towards the spread of safe climbing practices. Lastly, I would like to thank our instructor team: Pete Keane, Jeff Ward, Tim Brown and Larry Goldie. Thank you for your time and mentorship!


Trevor Ellsworth

“The success of any human endeavor is directly dependent on the strength of the relationships between the people involved.” – Doug Mahonsmith-rock-sunset