Voke Tab Review | by Jonathon Spitzer

img_2243I recently tried out some Voke Tabs.  These small caffeine pills contain 77 mg of caffeine in one little tab.  An espresso shot contains a similar amount of caffeine.  The tabs are dissolvable and are an easy alternative to coffee when it is unavailable.

My only complaint is that I found the taste to be slightly bitter with a strong aftertaste that lingered in my mouth for a while. If I drank water just after consuming a tab, the aftertaste was minimized.

img_2231-copyTypically, my day starts with two cups of coffee. But sometimes I’m unable to get that fix if I’m out in the mountains guiding or playing.   The caffeine addiction is a common theme among mountain folks, but our lifestyle does not always enable a fresh cup of coffee every day.  The Voke Tab is a great solution to the caffeine dilemma. At just a couple grams, it is significantly lighter than an 8 oz Red Rull and serves the same purpose.

Unlike other caffeine or energy supplements Voke contains Guarana, Acerola Cherry and Green Tea extract.   The majority of the caffeine comes from the green tea extract.  These tabs are sugar-free and contain only 2 calories.  The infused Acerola Cherry helps provide a full serving of Vitamin C.  Because of Voke’s natural ingredients I didn’t ever feel a “caffeine crash” after taking it.

So when weight or lack of coffee-making capabilities is an issue, but you need to get your caffeine fix, I would recommend trying out a Voke Tab.