Irreplaceable: a tribute to Mark Miller

Text by Clint F. Cook, American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide. Photos courtesy of Bill Grasse & Jeff Witt. Mark Miller is irreplaceable. His passing will have an everlasting effect on many communities throughout the mountains. His life had a much more profound effect. When I first arrived in Ouray, I was a psyched young guide nervous […]

Fallen Guides: Honoring Mark Miller & Dave Rosenbarger

It is with great sadness that we are publishing this blog. As most of you likely already know, we lost two guides this January—Dave Rosenbarger and Mark Miller. Last year was a difficult year in terms of loss for the guiding community, and so the staff at the AMGA decided we needed to do more […]

Honoring Cole Kennedy

Cole Kennedy, by John Collis

Text and photo by John Collis Cole and I first met when we were randomly assigned as roommates our freshman year of college. It wasn’t too long after that we were taking long road trips around the Rockies and scaring ourselves climbing. Even from those early days I could tell that Cole was a person […]

Editor’s Corner: Honoring Our Fallen Guides, 2014

By Betsy Winter, AMGA Executive Director In an effort to honor the lives of our fallen guides, we will be including personal stories by the friends and colleagues of these fallen guides on the blog and in the GUIDE Bulletin. 2014 was a particularly difficult one for the guiding world; we lost six people—Eitan Shalom […]

On Eitan Shalom Green…

Eitan Shalom Green

By Sheldon Kerr, Assistant Ski Guide Shalom. Jeff Green, Eitan’s father, asked that I share these words with you: Eitan loved the guiding community. He left us with a wonderful family of people he worked and played with in the mountains since beginning his work life in Seattle and Ouray. At the same time, he […]

Goodbye Matthew Hegeman

Matthew Hegemon

By Jonathon Spitzer, American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide There have been lots of stories and memories about my good friend, Matt Hegeman that I have read on social media. But this quote shared by a fellow Alpine Ascent’s guide really sums up Matt’s personality for me. Recently at a college commencement ceremony, Navy Seal Admiral McRaven […]

Remembering Kyle Mattingly

Fallen Guides.Kyle Mattingly.Pic by John MacKinnon

By John MacKinnon, AMGA Ski Guide I first met Kyle in the summer of 2007. He had recently relocated to Crested Butte from Lake City, Colo. He arrived in a whirlwind of long curly orange hair and mostly said “Hey Man!” to me as our paths crossed on Elk Avenue. One of my very first […]

Celebrating the bright life of Liz Daley

Liz Daley, Meadow Lodge, BC, Canada photo:Adam Clark

Text & Photos courtesy of Danny Uhlmann, American Mountain Guide/IFMGA Guide Liz Daley entered my life like a meteorite. Just as breath-taking as her life was, she left us just as quickly, like in the middle of a great dance party when the music suddenly turns off and there is just…silence. My experiences with Liz […]