Scope of Practice Official Document

To view the most recent version of the AMGA Scope of Practice (SOP) click below. For past Scope of Practice document versions see the archives at the bottom of this page. For all questions related to the AMGA Scope of Practice please reach out to Ted Teegarden, Scope of Practice Manager at [email protected]

The following graphics attempt to simplify the SOP document and identify the terrain in which guides at each level of training in the Alpine, Rock, and Ski disciplines are approved to guide or instruct based on their AMGA training and certification.

The above official Scope of Practice document is the definitive source and standard for compliance. See the SOP document for complete details on supervision, terrain descriptions, and other scopes and information not included in these graphics.


Scope of Practice Document Archives:

AMGA Scope of Practice 4_7_17 – Original Document

AMGA Scope of Practice 9_21_21