CAMP Storm Helmet Review – By Clint Cook


CAMP Storm Helmet Review

I consider myself a climbing helmet snob. I have tried every helmet out there for the last 10 years, and have found only a couple that do well on all categories. Many are very light and comfortable, but not durable. Some are durable but offer less than ideal coverage or poor fit for everyone. Some are just super squirrely looking.

camp-stormI am always super-skeptical about new lightweight helmets, but when the AMGA needed folks to try out the new CAMP Storm helmet, I immediately volunteered. Having recently switched to their ice tools and crampons, I was hoping they had another design trick up their sleeve. At the time of this report, I have climbed 9 days of ice in the Storm.

Fit/Comfort: A+

I found the Storm to be very comfortable. It’s low weight, easily adjustable sizing, strap placement adjustments, and brim/nape sliding mechanism all make it unnoticeable on your head. I have a large noggin, which maxed out the size of the Large Storm, but it has been just right for winter climbing with a mid-layer hoody and buff, or light beanie underneath. It has a simple design that makes it easy to achieve a straight and low brim for optimal protection.

Coverage: A

The Storm offer good protection for both the frontal region as well as the back of the head. It has a round profile that mimics the shape of the skull and covers the important parts of the head well. The easy adjustments that stay put help to support this by keeping the helmet in its optimal orientation for protecting the front of the head. No excuse for a gaper-gap with this one, it wants to stay low and tight.

Durability: A, so far…

There is a myriad of materials available for the latest generations of climbing helmets. CAMP made a wise decision on going with a more robust cover material for the foam underneath. It retains a very low weight and has withstood numerous small ice chunks without denting or dimpling. Pressing in on the front/back or sides, the helmet retains it shape well. I have not tried standing on it yet, but I feel like it would hold up pretty well.

Aesthetics: A

I felt like CAMP’s older helmets were some of the more goofy ones out there, but everyone has their own idea about what looks cool. I prefer a more refined and understated helmet design to some of the louder and wilder ones available today. CAMP did a great job of making the Storm look modern and sleek, and retain all the most important functional elements as well.

img_4174Overall this is my new favorite helmet. It has replaced my Scirocco for ice climbing, and will probably do the same for my Mammut Wallrider in the summer. It is super comfortable, robust, and great for all vertical endeavors. Thanks CAMP!


-Clint Cook, IFMGA/AMGA Mountain Guide 25