Scholarship Reimbursement Updates

AMGA scholarships were developed to reduce costs for AMGA members participating in AMGA Mountain Guide Programs (MGP). Examples of financial barriers include course cost, ability to take time off work, travel, gear, and childcare. The scholarship program has primarily offered funding for AMGA members seeking AMGA certifications. In recent years, the AMGA has expanded its scholarship offerings through AMGA Affinity Programs and the BIPOC Scholarship Fund to include Climbing Instructor Programs (CIP), establish new affinity program scholarships, and address other barriers such as travel. All of our current scholarship sources include: 

The AMGA’s current scholarship process involves a reimbursement once the participant has paid for the course. Meaning, that once a member completes their program and deliverables, they will be reimbursed the amount awarded. Feedback from prior scholarship recipients indicates that this process continues to put a financial strain on them because they lack the personal funds to pay the costs upfront. In some cases, the process has prevented members from utilizing a scholarship that was awarded to them. Moving forward, the AMGA will change the reimbursement process in an effort to more comprehensively address financial hardships associated with program fees and allow the scholarships to more effectively serve their purpose. Effective 2023, all scholarship recipients will receive a course discount on their tuition balance with specific stipulations associated with their funding. 

While the specific details for the new process are being finalized, we are looking at a general model in which: 

  • Students are expected to pay a deposit as is typical of all programs regardless of scholarship amount
  • Tuition discount is applied for scholarship amount
  • Students are required to submit deliverables in order to receive deposit and course completion 

If you are applying for a general scholarship this month, please visit the website for more information and note that the deadline is June 28th:

Special thanks to members Kendall Chun, Azissa Singh, Matt Zia, Joe Lee, Mary Brown, and Dr. Brian Joseph Gilley for helping revise various versions of this proposal and provide input.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: What financial commitment is required of me even with a scholarship? 

A: All students will be required to pay a deposit regardless of scholarship amount/status. If you are taking a Mountain Guide Program, the standard policy is a $500 deposit. If you are taking a Climbing Instructor Program, the standard policy is a $100 deposit. Even if you have a full-tuition scholarship, you will need to pay the deposit. 

Q: What expectations do we have to fulfill with a scholarship? 

A: Each awardee will receive a contract outlining their responsibilities which include content deliverables that are due within 4 weeks of completing an applicable program. These materials must include two (2) of these four (4) submissions: 

  • A 500-word (minimum) written testimonial/reflection of your course/exam experience
  • A minimum of five (5) high quality, captioned photos of your course, including at least one of yourself
  • An art piece that represents your experience during this course or is influenced by your experience during this course. All forms of art are acceptable including but not limited to: visual art, written art such as poetry, etc.
  • A 90-second to 3-minute video that acts as a testimonial/reflection of your course/exam experience (digital submission required)

What could happen if I do not submit the required materials?

  • If you do not return your content as outlined above, the office will reach out for one reminder and outline the conditions of your contract.  
  • If no content is received within four weeks, you will receive an incomplete for the program and forfeit your deposit. 

What could happen if I do not attend my program? 

  • If you do not show up for the program and do not communicate with the office, your credit card on file may be charged for any program tuition that a scholarship would have covered. 
  • If you are unable to attend or complete your course due to an emergency, we will hold you to the refund policy set in place for all programs. We strongly recommend that you purchase Trip Insurance to protect your tuition investment and other associated costs with your program.