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Climbing instructors, mountain guides, and backcountry ski guides in the United States are required to obtain special use permits from the national land agencies in order to provide educational courses and guided trips for the public on public lands. As climbing and backcountry skiing have grown in popularity, the demand for training from professional instructors and guides is at an all-time high.

However, outdated regulations make it time consuming, unpredictable, and in many cases – impossible – for instructors and guides to obtain the special use permits they need to serve the public. This places unnecessary restrictions on the public, limits work opportunities for guides, and prevents guide businesses from growing.


About the Campaign | In Support of AMGA Advocacy

The AMGA Advocacy and Policy Program is working to solve these problems. In just the past six months, the AMGA Advocacy and Policy Team has helped to secure ongoing access to the Ouray Ice Park in Colorado, open access to the Gate Buttress in Utah, and has entered into groundbreaking agreements with the Forest Service and National Park Service. Your support will help us continue this work and usher in a new era of opportunity for instructors and guides.

Your gift of $20.00 or more will help to:

  • Expand opportunities for guided climbing in Yosemite
  • Establish new “single trip” permits for guided summit climbs of Denali
  • Unlock permitting moratoriums on National Forests
  • Eliminate National Park Service price caps
  • Improve AMGA responsiveness to local access issues around the country

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By making a gift to the AMGA before September 20, the AMGA Board will match your donation of $20.00 or more, up to $20,000! All contributions are tax deductible.


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