SOP Compliance

Scope of Practice Compliance Procedure

Following a resolution of the May 7th, 2023 AMGA Board meeting, a new SOP Compliance Procedure has been updated and approved. The process to file a complaint has been changed. SOP complaints will no longer be filed through the AMGA Speak Up platform. Before reporting, please read the SOP Compliance Procedures.

When submitting an SOP complaint be prepared to submit the following information:

  • Complainant must provide their name and contact information when submitting a complaint (no anonymous complaints).
  • Complaint must be submitted by an AMGA member. AMGA member number will be requested.
  • Complaint must clearly describe how the alleged misconduct violates the Scope of Practice (SOP).
  • Complaint must include documentable evidence of a violation that can be verified by the AMGA (screenshots, photos, email threads, video recordings, or other clear documentation; witness statements; admission of SOP violation from respondent; etc.).

To file an SOP Complaint, please use the link below. If you have questions please reach out to Ted Teegarden, Scope of Practice Manager [email protected].

To report all other violations of the AMGA Code of Ethics and Conduct, the individual may report the alleged violation to the AMGA through the Speak Up platform.