“Other” Variance

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Please read all of the criteria prior to submitting your application for an “Other” Variance


It is recognized that not all guiding situations may be known and that there may be situations where a guide, instructor, and/or a business believes there is a need to work outside of the Scope of Practice (SOP). Please be advised that if approved for a variance, there will be an expiration date and there may be stipulations and that variances are for individual AMGA members. 

Reasons not accepted for a Variance: The following is a non-exhaustive list of reasons that will NOT be accepted for a variance to SOP.

  • Haven’t taken the appropriate course yet.
  • Just want to guide one route and have guided it “X” number of times.
  • Have taken other non-AMGA training courses.
  • I don’t meet the prerequisites for the “blank” course.
  • Was injured last year, had planned to take the “blank” course this year.
  • My employer is asking me to guide outside of SOP.
  • Just joined the AMGA recently.
  • Didn’t know about SOP.
  • Courses are expensive.
  • Don’t have time to take AMGA course(s).