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Strategic Plan

This four-point strategic plan, adopted in June 2006 (revised October 2012), is a working document that guides the AMGA’s committees and staff in planning their yearly budget.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

The AMGA will:

  1. Unify the guiding community in the U.S. and within the AMGA by encouraging every U.S. guide to join the organization and by supporting education, certification, and standards for all guides;
  2. Continue to strengthen its education and testing programs by certifying sufficient numbers of guides to meet the needs of land managers and customers;
  3. Improve the benefits of membership by:
    • Improving access for certified guides and accredited schools;
    • Making the AMGA an information source for members;
    • Negotiating group discounts for members (e.g. insurance);
    • Marketing certified guides and accredited schools.
  4. Continue to develop the long-term financial strength and stability of the organization.StrategicPlan2