2012 Lifetime Achievement in Guiding Award: Matt Brooks

Lifetime Achievement in Mountain Guiding Award

Lifetime Achievement in Mountain Guiding Award winner Matt Brooks

The Lifetime Achievement in Mountain Guiding Award is to honor outstanding Americans, who by their efforts over a period of years, have made contributions of significant value to the profession of mountain guiding. Matt Brooks has been supporting the AMGA and the guiding profession for nearly two decades. As the founder of Brooks-Range Mountaineering, Matt has been contributing to the guiding industry with innovative outdoor gear and equipment designed uniquely for guides. Over the past eight years, Matt  has donated thousands of dollars to the AMGA guide education program and through Brooks Range Mountaineering has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in gear and equipment to aspiring guides enrolled in AMGA programs. In addition to his technical innovations and his generous financial contributions, Matt served on the AMGA Board of Directors from 1997-2003 as Treasurer and as Historian from 2003-2012.