AMGA Announces Rebranding of Organization

For Immediate Release
Dana Richardson
[email protected]

Boulder, CO, September 27, 2013
The American Mountain Guides Association announced today the re-branding of their entire organization in partnership with Boulder-based SHIFT Strategy. This rebranding capitalizes on more than 30 years of experience as the premier source for training, credentials, resource stewardship, and services for professional guides in the United States. What the rebranding means for the AMGA and its members is more opportunity.

“It was clear to me that our members wanted something more from the AMGA”, says Betsy Winter, Executive Director. “Whatever we were doing and however we were communicating what we were doing did not seem to matter to the people who mattered most. The AMGA’s new brand identity accompanies a renewed commitment to service, to gaining access for the guided public, and to supporting guides in growing their businesses and marketing themselves.

To kick off its new brand and initiatives, in August 2013, the AMGA released the first annual State of the Guiding Industry Report (SOGI). The report was created to develop a deeper understanding of the membership, its needs, the growth prospects for professional guiding, and the influence the AMGA and its members have with the guided public.

Following the SOGI, the AMGA released a revamped Guide Bulletin, written by guides for guides. This bi-annual magazine will provide members with valuable technical tips and in-depth stories of the guiding life. In addition, the AMGA will begin to deliver its unique content through accessible online platforms with the launch of its new website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram account, and The Guiding Life blog. “You won’t find this much authentic, expert information on mountain guiding anywhere else,” says Winter.

The AMGA’s re-branding efforts will also reflect in the organization’s look. The new AMGA master-brand logo was created to tell the AMGA story. “The 17 stripes in our logo signify that we are the 17th nation to become a member of the IFMGA; the 1979 marks our origination date; and it was in the Moose Bar, under the Grand Teton, where our founders drafted and signed our original charter”, explains Winter. In addition to the master brand logo, the AMGA has developed new discipline and IFMGA logos.

The AMGA strives to be a unique organization that is both internationally accredited and well recognized among American mountain sports enthusiasts. SHIFT CEO, Jeb Tilly, stated, “The rebranding is a huge step for AMGA members, who deserve the best service and experience we can offer. What may prove to be most important, however, is that we’re starting to leverage our members’ expertise and the experiences they create for their clients to build a strong skiing and mountaineering culture among the 700,000+ guided public. That will mean more opportunity for everyone.”

Welcome to the new AMGA.

The American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) inspires and supports a culture of American mountain craft. The AMGA serves as the community hub for all American mountain guides, climbing instructors and their clients. For over 30 years the AMGA has been at the forefront of advancing the guiding profession and safeguarding access to climbing and skiing areas utilized by the guided public. The AMGA provides renowned, world-class training and certifications and offers cutting edge resources and services that support and enhance the livelihoods of guides. To learn more about the AMGA visit

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