Crevasse Rescue Drill AMGA Alpine Exam 2010 North Cascades.mp4

AMGA crevasse rescue drill at the AMGA alpine exam, Mt. Baker, Wash.

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2 Comments on “Crevasse Rescue Drill AMGA Alpine Exam 2010 North Cascades.mp4

  1. Why the garda hitch on the cordelette rather than ascending on the ATC Guide in guide mode? Is it quicker, safer, easier?

    • Hi Gregg, The reason he is using a more traditional ascension method is that we do not allow the use of the plate in guide mode during the rescue drills. This is to make sure that the guides still have a understanding of traditional methods in case they drop their device or do not have a device with them. In a real world situation if they had their device or even something more advanced like a mini/micro traxion then we would expect them to use that. -Dale Remsberg, AMGA Technical Director

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