John T. Young, Recipient of the 2015 Five Ten Scholarship


Brian Marsh leading during steep-snow pitched climbing practice. Photo: John T. Young

I have always loved being outdoors, exploring, getting muddy, crawling over and under things.

Often when I would find a spectacular place or awe-inspiring view, I would drag a friend or family member along to share it. Not every outing was a success. Not every friend I dragged up a mountain or down a ravine was as stoked as I was about our experience. It wasn’t until I started taking AMGA guide courses that my trips really became successful.


Recipient of the 2015 Five Ten Scholarship John T. Young practicing ropework in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado. Photo: Angela Hawse

The guiding and education skills I learned allowed me to take people with me—not just to haul them to the top. Now with my tool kit full of tested-and-true ways to keep guests safe and comfortable—and with the sticky 5.10 rubber on my climbing shoes and Adidas Terrex approach shoes to keep me stuck to the trail or wall—I am finding that my outings are closer to that original ideal of a shared experience.


Working on kicking steps and snow movement. Photo: Angela Hawse


Mirza Peljto demonstrates body belaying to the class during Young’s time in Rocky Mountain National Park. From left to right: Ryan, Mike, Mirza (seated), Bryan, Shane, Natalie, John Young, Brian, Carolyn (seated), Mike B., and Vince. Photo: Brian Marsh


Young leading up a short snow couloir during the snow-protection portion of his ASC. Photo: Brian Marsh