Massey’s Go-To Glasses: A Review of Smith’s Frontman ChromaPop

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.40.11 PM

By Scott Massey

I just wanted to do a quick review of the Frontman sunglasses that Smith Optics was so generous to pass along.  I have to say up front, that I’ve never really been a sunglasses person.  On the glacier or on other reflective surfaces, sure, but I’ve never found a pair that suits me for day-to-day tasks.  Until now…

The Frontmans fit my head like they were designed specifically for it.  However, it is the ChromaPop lenses that really make these glasses.  The polarization is unparalleled amongst lenses I’ve tried.  Given the types of activities I participate in, from rock climbing to downhill mountain biking to backcountry skiing, having proper depth perception is pretty important.  The ChromaPop lenses perform as advertised, and give an outstanding degree of depth perception, arguably better than the naked eye.  And they look good, to boot…

As I’m getting older, and realizing the need for more sun protection for my eyes, Smith Optics and ChromaPop lenses will definitely be my go-to choice of optics from now on. Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.45.36 PM


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