Ten Reasons to Hire AMGA

Ten Reasons to Hire an AMGA-Certified Guide or Accredited Business

TenReasonsTraining: AMGA Certified Guides undergo intense training and examination. Certification by the AMGA indicates that an individual has been assessed to the standard of an internationally recognized, professional body.

Professionalism: Our guides and accredited businesses lead the climbing and guiding industry, and are dedicated to excellence and conducting their business in the most professional manner.

Experience: Most of our guides and accredited businesses have been in business for more than a decade, and so have an intimate knowledge of the areas they guide in.

Quality: Our guides undergo their training with two key factors in mind: becoming the best mountain guides possible and delivering the greatest reward for their clients.

Risk Management: Our guides and accredited businesses make risk management one of their highest priorities. They are trained to recognize objective hazards, such as avalanche danger, rock fall potential, and bad weather, and they are drilled in self-rescue skills.

Personal Attention: The highest priority of our guides and accredited businesses is understanding and delivering the skills and summits you—our clients—desire.

Comprehensive Guiding: The AMGA certifies guides in alpine climbing, rock climbing, and ski mountaineering. Whatever the terrain or however difficult, there is an AMGA Certified Guide or an Accredited Business that can lead the trip.

Teaching: AMGA Certified Guides are some of the best educators in the field. They work to understand a client’s learning style and then adapt instruction to provide a personal experience that allows clients to excel at any endeavor.

Value: Our guides and accredited businesses appreciate how important mountain experiences are for their clients and so strive to build personal relationships and provide great adventures that create positive memories to last a lifetime.

Environmental Awareness: Our guides and accredited businesses understand how fragile the mountain ecosystem truly is. Exploring the high country with an AMGA guide will instill an appreciation of the travel skills required to leave the mountains in good condition for future generations.