Terrain and Supervision Guidelines

The mission of the American Mountain Guides Association is to inspire and support a culture of American mountaincraft. Creating that culture depends upon all members of the AMGA “…accurately and unambiguously representing their level of our training and certification to clients, government agencies, the public and others” (from the AMGA Code of Ethics.) Additionally, members need to develop their craft through seeking out appropriate training and certification, and through proper supervision and mentoring throughout the training process.

The AMGA Terrain and Supervision Guidelines support the mission of the AMGA in several ways. They clearly outline the connection between a members’ training, level of certification and how that member markets their skill set. They list and define specific terrain types. Within each terrain type, they specify levels of certification, training, and supervision required for a member to work on that terrain. They create the framework for a formal mentoring program.

Designed to better define the 2017 standard for field staff working for AMGA Accredited Businesses, these guidelines are representative of standards found in any true profession; craftspersons trained, assessed, and accurately representing their skill set in their area of expertize. As members of a professional association, it is important that each member respects the efforts and accomplishments of fellow members and holds each other accountable for maintaining the standards of this profession.

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