AMGA Announces Partnership with Entre-Prises


AMGA Welcomes New Partner Entre-Prises

Boulder, Colo. (August 5, 2016) – The AMGA announces its newest partner, Entre-Prises, the world leader in custom climbing walls and climbing holds.

On behalf of AMGA, Entre-Prises will gain better mind share with aspiring guides and mountaineers. Entre-Prises will benefit from AMGA’s education-oriented best practices and collaboration with class-leading member companies.

“Our guides are able to succeed because of the financial assistance provided by our partners,” said Dana Richardson, strategic partnership manager for AMGA. “The support of Entre-Prises enables the funding of scholarships, programs, business mentorship and special initiatives for in-the-field advancements.”

For over thirty years, Entre-Prises has been building custom climbing walls worldwide. The Entre-Prises team is comprised of a global and multicultural group that has a passion to make climbing accessible to everyone. Innovation and quality craftsmanship have defined Entre-Prises’ climbing wall solutions.

“AMGA’s commitment to the guiding community has long inspired our work at Entre- Prises,” said Todd Chester, sales and marketing director. “We hope to enable the guiding community to continue its service along with helping indoor climbers who use our product to have a successful transition to rock and alpine climbing environments.”

“We appreciate the forward-thinking attitude and support of Entre-Prises, a leader in the climbing wall industry, to help promote the highest standards in education for the next generation of climbing instructors,” said Ed Crothers, AMGA climbing instructor program director.

Bend, Ore. -based Entre-Prises’ complete range of gear and services can be seen at: