BIPOC Scholarship Fund Memo

BIPOC Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee 

Memo Update October 2022

AMGA Community, 

We are approaching our second cycle of the year, and the fourth round of funds disbursement since the opening of the BIPOC Scholarship Fund in 2021. Over the last year and a half, the application process and review have taught us about the scholarship recipients and experiences BIPOC members must navigate to participate in programs. We continue to learn from our BIPOC membership and welcome feedback at any opportunity.  Conversations from our first cycle application review this year have prompted the advisory committee to update the AMGA community and scholarship applicants on observations and factors that may impact an application review. 

While we have a rubric that guides our evaluation process, we felt it was important to disclose that when evaluating “Personal and Professional Goals and Commitment” and “Industry and Beyond Goals and Commitment” we heavily weigh an individual’s commitment to guiding as a profession. Meaning, that if we are reviewing an applicant who does not clearly demonstrate their commitment to pursuing their career as a guide or instructor, they will receive a lower priority for funding than other applicants who clearly demonstrate their professional goals related to AMGA certifications.  Additionally, we have come to expect applicants to clearly outline their long-term career investment. 

Information about career goals and goals within the AMGA education program can be shared through the essay questions which may be submitted in written, audio, or visual form via the application link. Specifically, when asking “What are your career goals and how will this positively impact your career path and personal journey” the advisory committee would like a detailed description of those goals and your trajectory for achieving them.

Our intention is that with more transparency and communications, our membership is set up in the best way possible to receive funding. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

The advisory committee: 

Yoshiko Miyazaki, Joshua Jarrin, Dr. Brian Joseph Gilley, and Monserrat Alvarez