Some New Names for AMGA Programs

Over the coming months you will probably notice some slight changes to some of our program names. We have created some new names for some AMGA programs. In the case of the rock discipline we are bringing back the name Advanced Rock Guide Course & Aspirant Exam. And in the ski discipline we are dropping “mountaineering” from both the advanced course and the exam.  The new names will be Advanced Ski Guide Course & Aspirant Exam and Ski Guide Exam. The new naming scheme creates more continuity and consistency within the programs.

Here is how the names will be for each discipline:

  • Rock Instructor – Rock Instructor Course (RIC), Rock Instructor Exam (RIE)
  • Rock Guide – Rock Instructor Course (RIC), Advanced Rock Guide Course & Aspirant Exam (ARGC/AE), Rock Guide Exam (RGE)
  • Alpine Guide – Alpine Guide Course (AAGC), Ice Instructor Course (IIC), Advanced Alpine Guide Course & Aspirant Exam (AAGC/AE), Alpine Guide Exam (AGE)
  • Ski Guide – Ski Guide Course (SGC), Advanced Ski Guide Course & Aspirant Exam (ASGC/AE), Ski Guide Exam (SGE)

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