Scenes from a Rock Guide Exam with Jesse Williams

Scenes from the last two days of an AMGA Rock Guide’s Exam in Red Rocks–outside of Las Vegas, October 2011.

Beverly Hattrup AMGA Ski Mountaineering Guides Exam 2010

Exams are difficult, and being able to have the support of the guiding community helps lift the burden in many ways. It brings about a higher confidence that I believe translates into better performance. When someone believes in you, it becomes a contagious energy that can be easily transferred among peers. That, in turn, helps […]

Performing a pick off during an AMGA SPI exam.

Performing a pick off during an AMGA SPI exam. This was a contract course through the American Alpine Institute, with Jason Martin being the instructor for the course. The course was held at Mt. Erie, near Anacortes in Northwest Washington.