Part 3 in the OR/AMGA Climbing Fundamentals Video Series: Rigging a Rappel

This week, Outdoor Research and AMGA are proud to present the third installment in our 12-part Climbing Fundamentals Video Series, showcasing 12 principal climbing skills taught on AMGA’s certification courses. This week’s skill is Rigging a Rappel, with AMGA Instructor Team member Jeff Ward—enjoy the video, put it into practice, and safe and happy climbing out there!

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2 Comments on “Part 3 in the OR/AMGA Climbing Fundamentals Video Series: Rigging a Rappel

  1. Tossed rope BEFORE yelling “rope”.

    Extension wasn’t really rigged up correctly.

    So much was left out of this it was pretty worthless.

    • Eric,
      You are right about the late call for “rope”. You should always give the opportunity for someone below to reply. I believe that was caused by an edit in the clip, but it easily could have been my mistake.

      As far as the extension goes I’d like to hear why you think it wasn’t rigged up correctly. The system used is redundant when rappelling, girth hitched through the tie-in points (as the harness manufacturers recommend), creates an isolated master point for your rappel device and is made with a nylon sling, which serves multiple purposes both on the up and the down. Over the years I’ve used many different systems but I believe this is one of the best. If you have a suggestion on how to improve the system I’d like to hear it. I’m always open to suggestions.

      If you would like more in-depth information and you are a member of the AMGA check out the “Tech Videos” in the Member section. We should be posting more videos soon.
      Jeff Ward

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