Smith I/07 Ski Goggle Review

Mike Soucy, IFMGA Licensed Mountain Guide, reviews the Smith I/07 Ski Goggles.

I-O 7 Reflection

The Smith I/07 Ski Goggles. Photo: Geoff Unger

 This winter season (2014/15), I wore the Smith I/07 Ski Goggles ($200–285) for roughly 30 days of skiing, including backcountry touring, inbounds, and mechanized, in Colorado and Alaska. My pair featured the black frame, with the option to use either the Ignitor Mirror or Photochromatic Red Sensor lenses—the darker, mirrored lens for bright, clear weather, and the lighter photochromatic lens for lower-light conditions.

After thorough testing, I can safely say I would use these goggles for all types of ski guiding, in all conditions. I especially like the interchangeable lenses for guiding in changing-light conditions. Other goggles do not let you change as easily in the field. It is rare that I actually use this feature in the field—generally only day-to-day choices. However, the ability to carry a low-light lens has saved me when the clouds roll in. A couple of easy swap-outs and you have a new lens color in place. Smith even includes a low-profile lens case to keep in your pack.

These frames are designed to fit a medium face, and the headband is easily adjustable. The only issue I’ve had with the design is the clip-buckle closure on the back of the headband unclipping on its own several times while adjusting the headband. It seems as though it could be made to close more securely.

The goggles have functioned flawlessly in a wide range of conditions, from well below zero to warm and snowy. They have not fogged up, and seem to ventilate very well. Meanwhile, the frameless design provides an excellent field of vision.

Overall, these are some of the most functional and well-designed ski goggles that I’ve ever worn (in 30 years of skiing). They fit and perform well, and I love the interchangeable lens. Durability, so far, has also been excellent.



• excellent fit

• high-quality lens

• easy interchangeability

• good ventilation

• excellent field of vision